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Northern Circle -- Commission



Commission of a circle of Solar exalts (and a few extra NPCs) for a Northern game set near Whitewall. This one was crazy insane to get all the character information together, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

From Top Left, clockwise:
Xeno, Dawn Caste
Unrepentant Finger of the Carp, Night Caste
Small Claw, Full Moon
Tikkah, Dawn Caste
Walsh, Twilight Caste
Grayface, Twilight Caste
Hands of Winter, Moonshadow Caste
Many Faces of Death, Dawn Caste
Dangus Wildspeaker, Zenith Caste
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The style is quite interesting, it's colorful and got a very nice cartoon feeling in the picture.

On another level (more of a story one)... How are so many exalted together ?! It looks more like a big D&D party.
And I regret (but that's probably more up to the players than to the illustrator) that the Chosen are too similar in terms of proportions.

In terms of game, all look with 3 or 4 in the characteristics, so it lacks a bit of diversity and strangeness.

But these critics are less directed towards fishcapades than to the story behind the painting :) (Smile)