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Northern Circle -- Commission

By fishcapades
Commission of a circle of Solar exalts (and a few extra NPCs) for a Northern game set near Whitewall. This one was crazy insane to get all the character information together, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

From Top Left, clockwise:
Xeno, Dawn Caste
Unrepentant Finger of the Carp, Night Caste
Small Claw, Full Moon
Tikkah, Dawn Caste
Walsh, Twilight Caste
Grayface, Twilight Caste
Hands of Winter, Moonshadow Caste
Many Faces of Death, Dawn Caste
Dangus Wildspeaker, Zenith Caste
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The style is quite interesting, it's colorful and got a very nice cartoon feeling in the picture.

On another level (more of a story one)... How are so many exalted together ?! It looks more like a big D&D party.
And I regret (but that's probably more up to the players than to the illustrator) that the Chosen are too similar in terms of proportions.

In terms of game, all look with 3 or 4 in the characteristics, so it lacks a bit of diversity and strangeness.

But these critics are less directed towards fishcapades than to the story behind the painting :) (Smile) 
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Well, a lot of the characters are actually related in the party, so that makes diversity a bit tough.  On the other hand, having related backstories makes for easy times as a GM!
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I diverge a bit. For D&D and the likes, related backstories are a blessing.

In exalted... "**** it off", like Americans can say Wink/Razz

The major point is : alone, you will probably die (or be trapped -in a battle for the less combative/facing an occult challenge for the non occultists/delicate diplomacy for the "big guns"), together, you have a chance.

For the celestials, very easy, at the beginning YOU WILL BE CHASED (Matrix style, you're very powerful, but you're always in a disadvantage). For the Dragon Blooded, you have to be toghter.
And in my games, exalted are rare. And I tend to have bigger world, more populated cites, so it emphathises on the extraordinary fact to be an exalted (even a Dragon Blooded). All the major cities have minimum 1 000 000 people, about 80 solars/abyssals, same with lunars, 25 siderals, no alchemicals, no akuma/infernals. So, my characters (NPCs and PCs don't have the luxury to choose :D (Big Grin) )
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Yeah, even if you go with the canon number of Exalts, chances of being related to another are... very slim.  Creation is a huge place!
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Never big enough for me !

Amies can always be more numerous, cities bigger, landscape more impressive !

And such, a quite small amont of Chosen reinforce the power, responsibility of them (plus, the GM AND the players can know all of them after some time) :) (Smile) 
Wish there was some context for this... looks like the aftermath of a crash.
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They were run off a cliff by an antagonist!  Thankfully, Solars tend to be pretty good about surviving things like that.
Ah, I see.  I'm currently running a campaign with three Solar PCs (plus a few NPCs), traveling around in what is basically a First Age pickup truck.  None of the PCs have any dots in Ride (we now have a NPC handling it), so hilariously catastrophic drive-related botches are high on my mind.
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That's more than kind of awesome
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Thanks! I love character design and this one was all kinds of crazy!
Thank you! I really like having this as my wall-paper now.

Fishcapades is a great ST and, somehow, even a better artist (by which I mean she is superb at story telling, not that she is bad at making art). I had a great experience in pinning down the details of my character (Greyface, the one robes in the bottom right corner) and she did a perfect job translating my muddled descriptions into exactly what I wanted. Get a commission from her and you wont be disappointed!
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Awww, thank you. ^_^ I'm very glad Greyface turned out well for you.
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It's images like this that really make me wish I could afford commissions.
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It was kind of cool--the whole group chipped in for this one together, so it didn't cost any of them very much. ^_^
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Wow wow wow!! How much work? Really excellent stuff... All I hope is that it's not one of the Abyssals that has a Unicorn familiar! :P
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Nope, it's the tan fellow with the blond hair on the left.
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That is a huge circle! Wow. that a unicorn in the background?
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Yes, it is. One of them has a five dot familiar. >_<
Who is a BLACK-HEARTED TRAITOR! (I read her story on the latest Handbook of Heroes.)
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Betwayal!  (I love Thuna.  She was the best NPC)
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Thuna is the best unicorn (at betrayal)
Just like Handbook of Heroes is the best webcomic (at being hilarious)! ;)
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