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He's not a Pet, He's an Animal Companion

A tribute to Kazzat, the best Behir a boy could ever have. The party will miss you and your grappling attacks.

Also, a study in why fighters make terrible social characters and how halflings love everything that is tiny and cute.

Baby Monsters Seen Here Include:
Displacer Beast
Gelatinous Cube
Umber Hulk
Giant Vampire Frog

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I assumed the tadpole was an aboleth, not a giant vampire frog (because I missed the fangs and had never heard of giant vampire frogs). That would make a very...different pet.

I'm glad the story ended with all the newly-minted orphans going to a nice home. I bet their household would make for one heck of a slice-of-life story. The gelatinous cube eats Mini Moo's favorite bell! The cockatrice and owlbear have a fight and drag all of their friends into it! The beholder's magical powers awaken and it goes mad with newfound power!