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Finally finished spriting this ultra beast! omg! But I'm done and I'm happy with how it turned out! 
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Hi, I have a question :3 A person has asked me to make a Trainer sprite with Celesteela's body parts on it(A Gijinka) and your Sprite looks amazing!
Could I use it for a Gijinka? I wanted to make sure.(I'll credit you, of course.)
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Love your sprites :)
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I love all your pixel art, question what do you use to make these? They look like they could be 3D, you're a really amazing artist and I hope that Game Freak will make a GBA pokemon spin-off in SWITCH and invite you!
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Hey there, I use paint : D Thanks for these kind words, means a lot!!
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Nice job o3o

Now for me to use this sprite for my own Celesteela sprite and take all the credit MWAHAHAHAHAHAH
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so what do you plan on spriting after buzzole?
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all the sun and moon pokes i didn't sprite yet 
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what about that one thing i messaged you about a few days ago?
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Very good! I love pixel art!
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thank you! so do i C: 
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