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You Occupy My Mind
like a low fog early in the morning, you seep into me.
a securing lull of low rolling clouds enveloping my body and mind
with thoughts of still water and galloping deer on crisp dew covered moss.
and when the day begins, you lift, but are still hanging over me.
i'm aware of you each passing second on the face of a clock, shielded.
when the dark fills the sky you occupy my mind like the moon, reliable
your light bouncing off the inside of my mind, spreading through my chest
coaxing me to rest.
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we are two people on opposing sides of a merry-go-round,
spinning around each other in circles, an endless cycle.
you are always the farthest distance away from where i am now.
by the time you catch up to the point i fixed, i am so far in front and behind you;
we can never catch up to each other.
we are two metal spheres within the Newton's Cradle,
one on each end of the chasmal gap,
perpetually waning in adverse directions.
when you have momentum i am at an absolute standstill,
my unabated movement causes you to be frozen in time
and space, suspended in the vast expanse of the universe.
reverberating matter reaching and straining desperately to conjoin,
with no hopes of connecting in the dark.
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lotus effect
i am the leaf and you are the droplet of water that cradles so gently in my mid rib
a tea cup being filled with steeping tea,
the leaves like fish in a pond
swirling around each other in confusion
darting back and forth like tandem acrobatic dragonflies mating in the heat of summer
so hot that it blurs my vision
and you, like a mirage are an optical phenomenon
in which the closer i try to get to you
the farther away you seem to travel.
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my mind is a dreamcatcher
a series of intricate woven patterns of thought
so entangled and intertwined that any goal or aspiration gets caught in its crisscrossed web.
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i couldn't say i love you enough times as i needed
you cover yourself with thorns,
one for every time someone has hurt you
like a cape draped over the entirety of your body
and anyone who comes near enough to you
will suffer a pinprick laceration
forcing them to give you one drop of their life force
and they do that until they cannot take anymore of it
but that's what you want
you want them to bleed
you want to be eight-years-old
and making blood pacts on paper that say
'no matter how much you can't stand yourself,
i will.'
despite how much self-loathing you hold for yourself
that displays itself as hostility for the world
that they will never see you as you see yourself
i will slice open my skin and
i will sign your pact
i will never see you the way you see yourself.
you think you are corrupt in the very foundation of yourself
that your vile actions could never deserve love,
but that doesn't mean that you don't want it
that doesn't mean that you don't need it
so it's a trial
how much blood can they withstand to lose
how many injuries
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We are the universe
i think the universe must have been laughing when We first met
to think it knew our path exactly what was laid out before Us.
and We were none the wiser.
the planets and stars all watching Us as We came closer and closer to colliding.
We are just molecules, atoms
destined to find each other and connect, become one
to shape each other
and We have been drifting ever so slowly from the day We came into existence toward each other.
when that day finally came that We first crossed each others path i bet every single star in the sky held its breath
and even then We didn't know.
so close but so far away, an unsuspected likelihood
and We inched our way into each others life with every time spent being around each other, or every thought We created about Us
every step closer to intertwining our destinies as one, but it was still uncertain if it was true
a myth, a whisper floating in the air
the grass, the trees, the insects on the leaves, the deer, the planets, the stars, all of the galaxi
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speaks for itself
you call this a piece
a piece of writing
i call this a piece
a piece of me
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as a flower or as a heart
i am a flower
one that blooms once every hundred years
but ever so captivating
instead of tending to it, caring for it, giving it what it needs to grow
everyone wants to pick the blossom for themselves to keep
wear it on their shirt, in their hair
show it off.
but flowers can't survive very long without water
the petals fall away
they wither
they eventually die
i am a beating heart
that i have put into so many hands before
people try to hold on, plunging their fingers into me
but their grip is always too tight that it's constricting
and the heart struggles to pump adequately within the confines of their grasp
when they realize the heart will not beat for them
they let go, and drop it
too tight or not at all
and no one wants to just listen to the heart beat,
they want to feel it
their hands are incapable of being a vessel
and i am too much for one person to hold.
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the piece i never should have written
you're fucked.
  i want to be the one to cause your blindness,
  gauge out your beautifully piercing blue eyes so you can no longer see me the way i know you do
  i'll be the noise to fill your eardrums and make them blow,
  no longer will you be available to listen to anything i have to say
  and you never fucking do anyways
  you only care about yourself.
  i want to be the one to sew your mouth shut with twine
  to make it impossible to speak those devastating words you've told me time and time again
  i don't want to fucking hear it anymore.
i want to be everything that makes you fail
i want all of your organs to fail
i would donate any piece of myself to you
make me the mental illness that creeps into your mind until your mind is no longer your own
slowly driving you to a tortured insanity
i hope you fucking can't tell what's up or what's down
i want full control of every thought you could ever possibly think up
in t
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what it means to love
i've spent most of my life constructing realities
based upon assumptions
what i know to be true
searching for it, clinging to it
as if the mere loss of truth would be my unending
it would mean i know nothing
and i am nothing without knowing anything
i am nothing.
and so i built
walls and buildings,
every piece was a layer of what I considered to be reality
layers that i didn't notice i was covering myself with,
like paper maché
and every time i meet someone new
i have them peel a piece away from me
read it,
dip it back in the paste
try to mold it with their hands
and place it right back in almost the exact same spot
almost completely untouched.
the only one i ever truly let mold my layers, truly create parts of me
was myself.
never phased.
now i am touched,
but you are so much more and you are so very different
you could mold me better than i can mold myself,
and so i put myself in your hands
your nonch
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black crow
i'm trying to rebuild you
if i take pieces of things that remind me of you,
and pieces of you yourself
i can try to string them all together
maybe then i would know you as a decent human being.
i will tear out strands of your hair from your scalp
your fingernail from your dry nail bed
or maybe take the whole hand
i'll steal the skin from your wounds
cut your lip to liberate your blood from your veins
i would ask for your tears but we both know you wouldn't cry for me
i would try for your heart but we both know i don't want it.
it's tainted.
if i could gather all of these with your scent,
with the essence of your personality,
all of the things you get excited for
all of the things you are passionate about
none of the things that make you bitter
everything you love.
maybe, just maybe, i would have a way to construct the real you, without any darkness.
but i can't separate those things.
i can't cut them out of you like a tumor,
can't siphon the poison from your body or soul.
you are a bla
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it is desolate here.
where i am
where i have been countless times before.
there's only so many lives i can save before i am forced to save my own.
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have you ever lost something you deemed extremely valuable
something with a presence that is crucial to your importance in life
something that exists solely to validate your existence itself
and the more you search for that it seems the less chance you have to find it
that's where i'm at.
but in this case, i never had it to begin with
the act of being on a constant quest for meaning has demeaned my reason for seeking anything at all
i care too much.
and not in the good way.
in the way where i care about the trees
i care about the ant i accidentally stepped on
i care about that one thing someone said to me in fifth grade
a character died in the book i read when i was thirteen
that i have a terrible memory except for those things
that the sun isn't bright enough
that the sun is too bright
that some people actually choose to wear crocs
that some people choose to do nothing at all
the fact that i know nothing
the fact that i know far too much
the past
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stained glass
you are a glass structure
slightly worn with scrapes etched into your outer layer
you were created with great strength and stability
and with a ceaseless amount of knowledge
i am a blank,
the glass before the artistry.
you are stained, i am pure
you are apathy, i am hope
i have not been created yet.
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'Nothing gold can stay.'
'Nothing lasts forever.'
'All good things come to an end.'
everything, in actuality, is passing; fleeting.
our existence is so short-lived,
and even permanent markers don't have any permanence.
it all rubs off, washes over, fades away.
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i'm not able to recognize any feeling anymore.
in place of emotion, instead i only have corresponding scent and memory.
popcorn is joy;
 i went to the movie theatre that one time in the beginning
pillows are happiness;
 the fresh fragrance of laundry detergent and shampoo
ink is curiosity;
 spilled on pages with beautiful artistry and penmanship that has always left me doe-eyed in wonderment
candy is adventure;
 that late October day when my eyes were much bigger than my stomach and my heart bigger than my head
chapstick is love;
 blistex, to be particular.
candles are pleasure;
 the burning wick and incense of wax that coats my organic body
skin and flesh is satisfaction;
 the emanation of closeness, in every meaning of the word.
buttered toast is serenity;
 that was the best breakfast i could ever remember
books are hope;
 the cover, spine and, leaves combined to fill my heart with something i have longed for
sickness is jealousy;
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like a low fog early in the morning, you seep into me.
a securing lull of low rolling clouds enveloping my body and mind
with thoughts of still water and galloping deer on crisp dew covered moss.

and when the day begins, you lift, but are still hanging over me.
i'm aware of you each passing second on the face of a clock, shielded.

when the dark fills the sky you occupy my mind like the moon, reliable
your light bouncing off the inside of my mind, spreading through my chest
coaxing me to rest.

Too many Pokemans

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