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"When a body moves, it's the most revealing thing.  Dance for me a minute, and I'll tell you who you are."
     - Mikhail Baryshnikov

     General Characteristics

Name: You may refer to me as "Z"
Other Names: None you need concern yourself with.
Type: NPC
Kingdom: Tairngire Riocht
Titles: I am but a humble old man, former adviser to Lady Rhea.

     Personal Characteristics

Age: 79
Birth Place: Seaton Moore, a township that sunk into the sea years ago.
Hometown: Tairngire Riocht

Primary Objective: To see Trypo Nighten conquer his insanity and become a proper adviser to the family.
Secondary Objectives: To retrain the left hand to pick up where the right left off.  To find some workaround for Rhea's condition.

Desires: The world to be a more beautiful place.
Secrets: His real name isn't "Z", silly - that's not even a name, it's a letter.  This guy is a ball of secrets, oh my.
Quirks: Completely entranced by remarkable injuries, can't walk through a garden without whispering the name of every flower in sight, seems as if he's daydreaming 95% of the time.
Morality: The only good in the world is the right of choice - but all too often this power is used improperly.
Perception: It is Z's 'choice' to correct the foulest of behavior.  His 'students' are either those who have made truly terrible decisions in the past, or those with some form of mental illness...  You could call him a reformist?

     Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Stimulating conversation, art in static and kinetic forms, woodwind instruments. . . The list goes on. . .
Dislikes: Rudeness, in its many, many forms.  ...That he will never again be able to dress nicely.  That hair, ahh... such a mess.


Equipment: Ahahah...ha.... hahahaha.... no.
Wardrobe: Excessive buttons, luxurious amounts of trim, and nary a single thread out of place.  Perfect.  (Now, if only he could actually button all those damned buttons....)

     Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Smooth as glass.  Although...  that calm has gotten far easier to disturb than it once was.  He's gotten pretty soft, particularly with the younger generation.
Humor: DRY.  He may attempt at a joke but isn't usually successful in drawing a laugh.
Reputation: Infamous.
Status: I dunno.  Single and looking?  ...Crimeny.

     Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: //snortlaugh//
Ancestors: None of particular noteworthiness.

Allies: Thusfar, Z considers the Dainichi and Agnesi to be allies - he'll be reinforcing that bond where possible.
Enemies: None that would come forward.
Followers: //smirk//  Master Trypo.
"Friends": . . . how is Darlene doing, anyway?
Heroes: Daniel Thornwall III, Aster Gale (deceased)
Pokemon: Rat the Dedenne, Agustus the Mudkip, Isaac the Chimera
Master Phobia Nighten - I am calling you out specifically.  Step it up, boy.

     Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 132 lbs
Heritage: Half-Fae (Dimly glowing eyes, pointy as hell ears, and one hell of a grin.  I'm sure that counts.  XD)
Hair Color: Grey/Silver, sometimes reflects slightly green in certain lights.
Hair Length:  Long, long long, but never untamed.  Tents to curl out away from his body towards the end.
Eye Color:  Ice Blue
Scars:  Hooooboy.  Just.  Just do us all a favor and keep his clothes on, kay?  c:
Tattoos and Piercings:  None.


Anima: 'Z' is a vary calm collected man, and he's spent years of his life practicing this.  He's found peace in the world and just wants those around himself to conduct themselves in an honorable fashion.  He hates blood, dislikes fighting-
Persona: -but has outwardly accepted the fact that sometimes both are necessary.  He will give someone every opportunity to turn themselves around before he takes action.  He is a perfect, if a bit creepy, gentleman.

     Final Notes?

There's no two ways bout it, Z is a very old and very unsettling man - he's relied on that ability to unsettle people with a glance for years, especially as his strength started failing him.  That said, he is a relatively harmless scholar desperately trying to maintain an air of calm midst chaos.  (("Chaos?", I hear you ask - yes.  Have you SEEN the rest of this kingdom?  Poor guy.))  Most of his duties surround maintaining contact with neighboring kingdoms, and various other bits of correspondence.  If you're requesting something from Tairngire Riocht, Z has had his hands on that request at least once.  Z has regrettably had to step down from a large portion of his duty after his right hand was removed.  In the past, he's held office as a babysitter, judge, jailer, and acquisitions officer - but Z MUCH prefers the role of teacher and reformist.  He takes great pride in those students who have graduated his tutelage and really made something out of their lives.

Currently?  Well.  After an impromptu amputation, Z's stepped down as family adviser and let his apprentice, Trypo, take his place in most things.  He still makes diplomatic visits where appropriate, but spends the majority of his time overseeing the apprentice and trying to find a cure for Rhea Novak's curse.  Things have slowed down considerably for him, and he's really starting to show his age.  To make matters a bit worse, he's completely reliant on his apprentice for certain things - and that's got a tendency to put him in a sour mood...
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Finished Art - Partial, Color, Shading, Simple BG

Pokemon of Choice gained 4 HP, 2 Attack, 7 Defense, 2 Sp. Attack, 3 Speed.
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