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....He's smiling. :D By the time a monster has gotten to this stage, they're aware of how the world works. Wiskcicle (Which took me five tries to spell correctly, heretofore referred to as Whiskey) has likely found their partner in life by this stage, and is otherwise reclusive. Turns out that while they were looking for a friend, there was a pile of monster taming weabos trying to catch the biggest, coolest looking dragon they could find. Not really Whiskey's cup of tea. Should you be looking for one: find the harshest tundra, locate the creepiest ice cave, and snake your way inside with some kind of escape plan - that sort of tight-quarters, isolated place is bound to hide one of these dragons.

Art: Henrie! :D
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because you are a artist at monstermmorpg i might just play the game.

great work
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Always nice to hear. :D Whoo! It's a pretty fun game - the head coder and owner is about a month away from releasing an update to the interface. Having seen screenshots and videos, it looks good! XD All the same, if you stop by - have fun! <3
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These doin' it for ya? lol Thanks for the owlface. :P
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