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Widour almost always have a nest of webs on their back, spun by none other than their many Spideve thralls. Every so often, she'll choose one of them as an unfortunately delicious mate and brood another clutch of six-legged (Ahahah. Screw standard spider logic, six legs for you!) workers. While we aren't entirely sure what happens to the older Spideve, we aren't entirely convinced that Widour eats them. Perhaps she uses their corpses as bait for better, warm-blooded food. Like trainers. Try not to be fooled by the billowing webs across this monster's body. Widour's web is far stronger, and wouldn't do such a silly thing as 'billow' in the wind; more like trip full-grown men.

Art: Henrie
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I already have arachnophobia.. you are soooo cruel...