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Werterdle?  Close, anyway.  x'D  <<Will edit this later, I am soooooo done with this ref for tonight, yeas.>>

Name: Werterdle (Okay, 'Anraith' is more common, but Rhea is a jerk with her registration papers.  She's a jerk with her regular name, too......  Anraith means 'soup.')
Species: Carracosta
Traits: Alchemized
Gender: Female
Type: Rock/Water+
Solid Rock - Okay Grass types....  I get it.  Bad idea.  But we'll make a stand anyway!
Moves: Bide, Withdraw, Water Gun, Rollout

Obtained: Gift from MarbleSplotch
December 29, 2015

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Level: 51
HP - 64
AT - 22
DF - 42
SA - 37
SD - 41
SP - 43

Training Log:
I'm pretty sure ALL of that is poisonous
Smug flying jerks.
Some like it hot.  We are not some.
Worth waiting for night-time.
Do you wanna build a snowman?
Otter Soup Litter [Realms]

Other Experience:

Werterdle | Alchemized [Water+] Carracosta: 4 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 3 Shaded
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"Finished Art, Fullbody x4, Color x2, Shading x3, Semi-Detailed BG x1

Werterdle gained 16 HP, 2 Attack, 20 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 16 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Werterdle has earned 78 stat points! Werterdle gained 15 levels!

Trainer earned 152 Trinities."