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Visiting the Garden

Alternative Title: "Rhea wearing heels would be hella hilarious."

Trials of Nobility...  Why haven't I finished these yet?  I dunno.  Maybe because I only want to work on them when Reigns (well, Realms now) is down.  XD  Trial number 5 is go visit one of the three main kingdoms, bonus points if you meet the Triarch in charge or their chimera.  Haven't had a chance to point out how laughably tall Rhea is, so.  Couldn't pass that up.  Went with Ethaya (the south-eastern kingdom) because the area was described as swampy.  I do like m'swamps.....

How did Rhea gain admittance to that garden?  Oh man.  I... I'm not sure.  She's usually such a jerk-face~  Probably still recovering from that concussion and forgot how to be an awful and rude person.  Or maybe Isaac there is just a REALLY good conman.  Looket him!  he's trying to sell Lanmi a used car that will never pass emissions RIGHT NOW!  (Okay, he's not.  But he's one hell of an escort for a diplomatic mission.  LOOKET THE CUTE.)

Rhea's probably a bit irritated that she over-dressed for the occasion...  x'D  Oh well.  At least Isaac's having fun!  8D

Camilla - Noodle dress Lady!

Lanmi - Noodle Shaymin Thingy!

Finished or Sketch?: 
Items: - No Item
Isaac | Magikarp/Cyndaquil Chimera: 1 Fullbody, 1 Colored, 1 Shaded, 1 S/D Background - No Item
Rhea | Leader: 
1 Fullbody, 1 Colored, 1 Shaded, 1 S/D Background
(Any character levels will go to Isaac.)

Explorer: FishBatDragonThing
Type of Exploration: By Biome
Type -or- Biome: Freshwater
Items being Used: Exploration Voucher

(This would have been for ToN, however the requirements changed with the move over.  That said, I like the new quest muuuuch better.  So.  x'D  Would it be alright to dump an exploration voucher on this and call it dandy?  :'D  )
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We can still accept this for ToN Stage 5 due to the grace period where you may complete the old Quest requirements. As such, you will not need to use your Exploration Voucher. owo/ Your background here also qualifies for Detailed rolls~

Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading, Detailed BG

Issac gained 8 HP, 8 Attack, 22 Sp. Attack, 18 Sp. Defense.
Issac has earned 56 stat points! Issac gained 11 levels!

Pokemon of Choice gained 12 HP, 8 Attack, 14 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 14 Sp. Defense, 6 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 58 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 11 levels!

Trainer earned 101 Trinities.

Common Reward
You found a(n) Skrelp [Ability 1]. Would you like to take it home with you? If so please specify a gender.
Trainer gained Grass Land Grant!
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Naw, please use an exploration voucher.  C:  I wanna go through with the new quest if I can.  <3<3

Levels to Isaac.  c:

Also.   AHAHAHAAHH!  YEASSSS.... SKRELP.....  Make him.  A.  ...Fabulous.  lady-horse, yes.  <3  (Him a fabulous...  oh lord.)  ((Female Skrelp, please!))
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Fair enough, an Exploration Voucher has been removed from your Inventory and your Skrelp has been added!