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Tybalt. ...Tybalt, Tybalt, Tybalt...  //sigh//  Not long after getting Rhea and Arthur situated at the capital, Z started making diplomatic rounds to the established kingdoms.  He had... an interesting visit to Bleakfield - a meeting with Catcher.  He was offered a choice of Pokemon from one of her recent litters and - aha, yes.  That was Tibby.  He seemed unsure of himself, but it was the yellow eyes that gave Z pause.  So he took the nervous lil' imp home for Rhea who...  //ahem//  Well, that didn't go as well as it should have.  Arthur stepped up and took the chimera under his wing, and the two have been very close since.  Although...  now that Arthur's spending all that time with his daughter.... dun-dun-dunnnn

Name: Tybalt
Species: Budew/Meditite/Ralts
Traits: Chimera
Gender: Male
Type: Poison/Psychic/Fighting
Ability: Telepathy - OOOoooooOOOO!
Moves: Absorb, Bide, Growl, Ally Switch, Misty Terrain, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Secret Power, Giga Drain, Grasswhistle, Synthesis

Obtained: Gift from NebulaFrog
Hatched: September 5, 2015

Mother: Clayrun the Atrocity
    Grandmother: Wandering Where We Start
    Grandfather: Warhead
        Great-Grandmother: The Dogs Of War
        Great-Grandfather: Licorice
Father: Cursewire
    Grandmother: Messiah Magic
        Great-Grandmother: Rhenium
        Great-Grandfather: Astatine
            Great-Great-Grandmother: Penny
            Great-Great-Grandfather: Damar

    Grandfather: Spooky
        Great-Grandmother: Kali
        Great-Grandfather: Belus

Level: 50
HP - 59
AT - 55
DF - 50
SA - 62
SD - 50
SP - 26

Training Log:
PR: Litter XVII -Cursewire/Clayrun -NEWBIE SPECIAL [NebulaFrog]
Oh Hai Jas- OW
Found It!
Realms: Audino Hunt [Collab with MarbleSplotch]
Pokemon Realms: Cute Date [Collab with bdg222]

Other Experience:

Tybalt | Budew/Meditite/Ralts Chimera: 5 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 4 Shaded
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Finished Art, Fullbody x5, Color x2, Shading x4

Tybalt gained 25 HP, 12 Attack, 6 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 10 Sp. Defense, 9 Speed.
Tybalt has earned 76 stat points! Tybalt gained 15 levels!

Trainer earned 137 Trinities.
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This fusion is bizarre af and I LOVE IT.