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Samiel Wormwood

"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway."
     - John Wayne

     General Characteristics

Name: Samiel Wormwood
Other Names: Thief, "No, stop that!", and however you spell that noise Andres makes when he is disappointed. Formerly used the last name "Osborn", has stopped using the name since Ecucu was kicked from the throne.
Type: PC
Kingdom: Dainichi
Titles: Chosen of Reshiram, Chosen of Zapdos, Traitor, Knight-Elite of Dainichi.

     Personal Characteristics

Age: 17
Birth Place: Kori
Hometown: Diamond; IN the castle, even!  Wait, no... apparently that's on fire.  Mizumi now.  Oops, killed Draygo - guess we live in Terrance now?

Primary Objective: Making sure that Trypo succeeds as King of Dainichi.
Secondary Objectives: Unifying the fragmented pieces of the kingdom under one banner, bringing Kori to peace.

Desires: An accomplishment worthy of this BS "Chosen" title.  Something his parents would be proud of.
Secrets: Sam can't swim?  He may say he's given up on 'the noble path to victory', but jeez-.  If you press him to be honorable, he's gonna fall for it every time.
Quirks: Is afraid of the dark, and spiders, and snow cones... but most of all, being alone.  Getting much better about picking things up that aren't his.  None of his clothes have pockets.
Morality: Doesn't want to hurt people; good, bad, indifferent - everyone deserves an extra chance or ten.  And then one more.  Except Dusk.  Dusk had to go.
Perception: The world is a good place, really.  There's always a silver lining.  But you can't just 'wait' for things to be good, you need to take action.

     Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: You would think he was devoted to Reshiram- maybe Zapdos-  Nope.  Whoops.  Thought the priests were too smothering and is sticking to Zygarde.
Superstitions: Samiel doesn't believe in superstitions... but he is very gullible.  If you tell him a ten-foot purple people eater haunts the kitchen, he will hunt it down.
Virtues: Yup.
Vices: ....Shhh.

     Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Quail's really nice...  The title "Knight-Elite" occasionally tricks people into being respectful, too - that's great.
Dislikes: Quiet places, running out of things to do, Yevette getting so cozy with the kids  ...and that noise Andres makes when he's disappointed.


Equipment: Now that he's not constantly dropping swords, he's gotten a fancy set of armor and an axe made just for him.  May or may not be hiding a small knife in his boot.
Wardrobe: Went from rags to nice clothes, and finally settled out back at rather boring things, but the sort with minimal holes and tears in them.  Colors that don't stand out, high collars, hoods, and gloves.

     Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Emotionally stable, but his behavior is a bit erratic.  Sam's got a clearly defined goal in mind now, but he can get a bit mopey when given time to be introspective.
Humor: Not even remotely above a fart joke.
Reputation: Wouldn't trust this guy - if nothing else, he's a 3-time branded thief.  Oh, and a traitor that destroyed every chance King Ecucu had to win the civil war.  You know, just little kingdom-crushing stuff like that.
Status: Living!  Oh dear....

     Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Gordon Kale (father, womanizing somewhere.  Deadbeat prick), Emma Wormwood (mother, convicted and hung for trying to leave Kori when Sam was 6 )
Ancestors: Eh?

Allies: King Ecucu, we're allies - right?  I mean... you Knighted me and all.
Enemies: *sigh* Harp Griffon.
Followers: Walter South
Friends: Trypo!  ...right?  And Quail, maybe?
Heroes: Andres Osborn
Pokemon: Cassidy the Chimera, Attila the Chimera, Alice the Chimera, Knightlite the Scyther, Ta-Tun the Chimera, Nasika the Pyroar, Causeway the Chimera, Kouhai the Chimera, Spirit the Magikarp, Arcstone the Lunatone, Ace the Piplup, Ko'La the Chimera
...I dunno.  Maybe?

     Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 182 lbs
Heritage: Wyldborne
Hair Color: Dark chestnut
Hair Length:  Short to medium, its super straight which helps lots with keeping things not stuck in it...?
Eye Color:  P-Purple...
Scars:  He could spend all day recounting scars....  He gets hurt frequently doing stupid things - like actually hugging Forge.  They never heal well, he's dead afraid of needles.  He's got a distinct 'T' brand on the back of each hand and his right cheek; is missing the better part of two fingers on his right hand, marking him as a convicted thief.  Blind in the left eye for possibly THE stupidest of reasons.  Dang-it, Sam.  The word 'Friend' is faintly scarred on his chest.
Tattoos and Piercings: Don't ask me how, but Song convinced Sam to get a flame tattooed on his chest.  But as Sam's behest, it's very angular - the signature of Zygarde.


Anima: Samiel's well aware that he's been given many a second chance, and made plenty of errors.  He's optimistic that he can affect great change in the Realms, he just needs to focus.  Being alone makes him anxious and often downright afraid, so-
Persona: -Sam goes well out of his way to surround himself with people and activity.  This may not be the most wholesome of activity, but it's often light-hearted.  He encourages people to play to their strengths.

    Final Notes?

Samiel lives in Dainichi, and is pretty separated from most of the other narrative stuff going on in Tairngire.  He's your standard orphan-worked-his-way-up story, though less through skill and more through dumb luck and a healthy dose of pity from a General Andres.  Things were going pretty well, a Knight's apprenticeship, a few Pokemon of his own, a lady-friend... when the country fell into a civil war over Yveltalism and the ban on it's practice.  It wasn't a new ban by any means, but some underground sect rose up and took several of the large cities.  Needless to say, things got chaotic and Sam's 'trust' to a punch to the dick.  After finding out one of his closer friends, Axel, was actually siding with the Yveltalists, he took the time to actually look at Dainichi's chances at victory...  They might have won, but it would have made Dusk Draygo more powerful for having helped defeat the cult.  It was a hard decision, but Sam ultimately chose to betray King Ecucu and killed Dusk.  The death brought a swift conclusion to the war and actually brought most of Dainichi back together again, at the expense of pretty much all of Sam's personal connections.

Sam's lost the favor of Ta-Tun, the Reshiram chimera, who has chosen to stay in Mizumi and watch over the betrayed.  His friend Trypo was chosen to be the new king, and that's brought plenty of great titles and opportunities - now his eye is turned back to his hometown, Kori.  It's fallen into riots and turmoil since Dusk's death: hopefully they can be brought back into the fold of peace.  See also: "girls".  Ohman.
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