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At some point, after walking some short distance, Rhea got very VERY tired of that walking crap and refused to move any further until she had some sort of glorious steed to carry her.  So.  Romeo.  He is glorious.  And maybe just big enough to steed.  Just...  watch out for those snappy bits.  They always tell you not to walk behind a horse - it counts double for this giraffe.  Don't mind him, he's just poking around the stables and the massive field behind the hold.  Has a tendency to wander into random towns and eat all the good alfalfa.  HMMMMMM.  Wonder who taught him to do that.

That armor?  Haha, probably wouldn't hold up to much beyond a parade or a few quick jousting matches.  Rhea is entertaining the idea of a tournament; but hasn't come across too many who'd prefer sport over a standard Pokemon Duel.  JOUST, MOTHER-TRUCKERS!

Name: Romeo
Species: Girafarig
Traits: None
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Psychic
Early Bird - I guess he gets worms?
Moves: Astonish, Tackle, Growl, Confusion, Power Swap, Guard Swap

Obtained: Trade from cerulean-kitsune
September 12, 2015

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Level: 41
HP - 37
AT - 24
DF - 33
SA - 44
SD - 67
SP - 27

Training Log:
A meeting of two steeds [shiningstarofwinter]
Found It!

Other Experience:

Romeo | Girafarig: 5 Fullbody, 1 Partial, 3 Colored, 5 Shaded
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celdragon's avatar
really nice armor amd love the part for the second head
chili19's avatar
This must be the king of girfarigs!!
FishBatDragonThing's avatar
oh that is going to go straight to his heads,
chili19's avatar
HAhahaha. But that armor. Looks amazing
Shiningstarofwinter's avatar
Would it be okay if I did a story about this kid for the Silver and Gold event? :D
FishBatDragonThing's avatar
That would be perfectly fine! Can't wait to read what you come up with! ^^
cerulean-kitsune's avatar
omg, so glad this guy went to you, the armor is absolutely epic!
FishBatDragonThing's avatar
:U  Thanks for parting with him~!  Was super psyched - still am.  :D
LunarisTigris's avatar
Omg this is amazing!
The armor looks great and wow just wow.
Also that headshot, so lovely, look at that little face right there. 
Vespertinecat's avatar
I love this so much omg
Vespertinecat's avatar

Finished Art, Partial x1, Fullbody x5, Color x3, Shading x5

Romeo gained 14 HP, 8 Attack, 16 Defense, 17 Sp. Attack, 34 Sp. Defense, 13 Speed.
Romeo has earned 102 stat points! Romeo gained 20 levels!

Trainer earned 174 Trinities.

Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Love the armor! :D It seems pretty dang functional.
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