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Rhea Novak-Thornwall

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"I got 99 problems but a b*tch ain't one"
     - Ice-T

     General Characteristics

Name: Rhea Novak-Thornwall
Other Names: Mother of Ruin, Baron of Delusions
Type: Leader (I am SO sorry.)
Kingdom: Tairngire Riocht
Titles: Formerly baron of lands across the sea, but that title long-lost by now.

     Personal Characteristics

Age: 33
Birth Place: City of Thornwall
Hometown: Tairngire Riocht

Primary Objective: To rebuild her lost holdings and send a military 'message' to the dissenters who ran Rhea off in the first place.
Secondary Objectives: Build, fund, or otherwise support improvements to this untamed land.  And maybe/probably/over-ambitiously start assimilating peeps.  (Like you can't see her on a throne giggling madly and contemplating world domination.  <3 )

Desires: The world, notoriety.
Secrets: There's a price to pay for everything, and in her younger years, Rhea...  wasn't concerned about the price.  Blood and coin were currency alike.
Quirks: Talks in her sleep, usually nonsense.  Speaks her words in a slur, even when sober.
Morality: Right or wrong, everything worth noting will be written down.  If you don't want to be lost in time; aim for notoriety first, then piety through fire.
Perception: It takes incredible luck to lead without blood.  I wouldn't begrudge the lucky - but neither can I stand by and let the meek rule.

     Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Not a devout follower, but Rhea does feel a tie to the mythos of Ho-Oh.  She maintains a small shrine to to the poke-god of rebirth in her hold.
Superstitions: Myths hold a large sway over Rhea's actions - she will not willingly have anything to do with 'haunted' places.  Rhea refuses to be alone on a Friday or sing near a lake or river.  Also, 3 is the luckiest number.
Virtues: Chastity, Diligence 
Vices: Greed, Wrath, Pride

     Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Riddles, competition, games similar to chess.  Oh, and things that look dangerous.  Teeth, claws, horns, venom.... a combination of the above....  <3
Dislikes: Quiet moments, 'proper' political meetings, magic, Psychic Pokemon that fiddle with memory.


Equipment: Although Rhea is merely a figure-head, she has an elaborate nidoqueen-themed armor set that she wears when she charges into battle.  Usually fights for a bit, then lets the soldiers do their thing the rest of the way.  She's got a commander for that commanding stuff, anyway.
Wardrobe: So many dresses!  And other garments~  She hates the color orange, but anything else is fair game.  The only constant is the Arbok-emblem she wears at all times (it's like a belt-buckle.  Different colored sashes and the like can be pulled through it, she's worn it as a hair-clip at least once.)

     Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Oh, super sane.  Can't you tell?  (Oh sweet Arceus.  D8 )
Humor: Inappropriate.
Reputation: Unpleasant, at best.

     Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Arthur Novak (husband), Tybalt Novak (son, deceased), Carrie Novak (daughter, deceased), Tully Novak (daughter, lost-then-found!  <3)
Ancestors: A formerly well-off family by the name of Thornwall - Rhea was relatively low-born, but managed to snag a small barony though some less-than-sincere antics.  The rest of the family lies in countries to the east, and generally will not acknowledge Rhea is alive.  Signs that yer doin' good, lordy.  Patriarch of the Thornwall clan is currently Daniel Thornwall III, Rhea's Great-Uncle.

Allies: No.
Enemies: Yes.
Followers: MAYBE.
Friends: Jane, you are hereby sentenced to be my BFF.
Heroes: That b-e-a-utiful biz-nitch in the mirror.
Pokemon: Arwynn the Stunky, Birb the Fletchling, Tart the Farfetch'd, Romeo the Girafarig, Gabriel the Krookodile

     Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 285 lbs
Heritage: Human (...*snicker*)
Hair Color: Red/orange
Hair Length:  Long and curly, hair style usually includes a least one braid somewhere.
Scars:  Has a few places on her arms and legs with faint monster-bite scars.  Super faint, like don't bother drawing them faint.  XD
Tattoos and Piercings: . . . Nah.


Anima: Internally, Rhea is constantly wrestling with past decisions and whether she's made a good call or not.  She's generally upset with herself, but feels like she's gone too far off the deep ends, so
Persona: -Publicly, Rhea embraces the concept of 'a woman scorned'.  She's assigned all of her own blame to others and backs up her delusions with harsh words and force when possible.  It... isn't a healthy way to deal with problems, but it's sortof (not really) working.  Attempting to burst that bubble is a dangerous prospect.

     Final Notes?

Rhea is...  I-  I'm sorry.  Realms didn't really deserve this, lol.  She is a very head-strong and stubborn woman, used to getting what she wants on a whim.  And those whims are pretty often. . .  She's a terrible diplomat, a rude lover, and- Just... Why...?  She's done very well as a leader in the past, so long as she actually heeded her adviser, Z; but she's slipped more frequently as the years wore on.  There was an incident with... the Fae, yes.  A terrible incident where Rhea willingly broke a deal and marched an army on a sacred mountain to cement the point.  ((Z is still irritated by this, though 'irritated' might be too soft a word...))  This event led into her entire holding across the sea collapsing and the eventual banishment from the country - needless to say, it's not something she's gonna talk about.  Rhea lost all three of her children over the course of that one year and has an intense hatred for "MAGIC" and those who associate (Or LOOK like they associate...  =_= ) with it.  We're working on that whole racist thing and making some progress.  ...Slowly.

Currently?  Well.  Timeline is kinda wibbly-wobbly, isn't it?  HAHAHAHA-!  Z is prodding Rhea to finish her Trials of Nobility so they can lay claim to some choice dirt.  Rhea's been... blowing it off.  Mostly to irritate Z.  Partly because she isn't a fan of all this pomp and circumstance.  She's recovering from a bit of head trauma, so her speech is a bit more slurred than usual and her memory isn't the best - but it's getting better every day.  Having to re-learn herself has done wonders for how tolerable this woman is.  ...Here's hoping against rude-relapse.
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She looks badass! Fascinating personality, too.