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Prowood is a master of disguise. They make their homes surrounding the nests of their Treeant siblings, guarding them from harm. After years of training, they've grown in size more akin to a tree and have the mass to back up their attacks. Though their bite is still poisonous, Prowood is far more accustomed to knocking around or coiling up around its enemies using it's massive limbs. Yes, I made another pun. But not to worry, this giant is generally gentle around those not attacking its family. You're unlikely to get squashed just walking through the woods. Unless you step on a tiny Treeant. Then, good luck.

Art: Henrie!
Prowood's Creator: Rock127 on the forums! :D
Monster MMORPG:
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Lol he grew up so fast :P
Thanks for the redraw again, Henrie :D
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Aaah your drawings are to good I'm gonna melltttbllrggghh... ._.