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Oh Hai Jas- OW

Booing, booing, boiing, WHAP~!

"I am completing Member Objective 1 for the second time!"  ...I think?

Characters: None
Evolutions: 0
Moves: 2
Jasper: Bounce, Jump Kick
Tybalt | Budew/Meditite/Raltz Chimera: 3 Full Body, 3 Color, 3 Shading, 3 Simple BG
Jasper | Buneary/Deino/Zorua Chimera: 3 Full Body, 3 Color, 3 Shading, 3 Simple BG [ shellycake ]

:iconshellycake:  (I'll update stuff when it ain't 10PM.  x'D )
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Well, that's rude! He only said hi! D:
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Also, small problem. XD I'm not a regular member, so you would have needed to do the second one.
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You captured Jasper to a T.
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It's the second time, haha~ :'D This still qualifies for the second time as it has at least 3 full bodies; the third (and last possible) completion will require four. <3

Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading, Simple BG

Tybalt gained 13 HP, 9 Attack, 7 Defense, 30 Sp. Attack, 6 Sp. Defense, 2 Speed.
Tybalt has earned 67 stat points! Tybalt gained 13 levels!

Jasper gained 18 HP, 10 Attack, 17 Defense, 11 Sp. Attack, 15 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Jasper has earned 81 stat points! Jasper gained 16 levels!

Trainer earned 156 Trinities.

Gift Bonus!
Pokemon of Choice gained 3 Attack, 3 Defense, 2 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 8 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 1 level!

Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.

You have received 100 Trinities and a Silver Gift for completing Member Objective 1 for the second time!
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Oh Skunk-butt:  enough gift art and I'll never have to actually train you personally.  <3  *shot*