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Morbite are a tricky thing. They bury themselves during the day and only hunt at night, where their eyes are adapted for a lack of light. They swim through water by undulating their many wing-like body plates and can reach speeds excessive of 30 MPH in some cases. People sailing in open waters at night are urged to be cautious, as this monster has been known to 'fly' up onto the deck of a ship, knock any meat creatures into the water, then continue its meal in the inky depths. Not a nice thing! D:

Art: Henrie!
Morbite's Creator: Henrie again!
Monster MMORPG:
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Wow. I love them. All, the three of them! ^^
It HAD to be faved!
I really like the apperance of the eyes!
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Scaaryyyy..... But cooooollll....
XLost-ZoulX's avatar
such an interesting looking creature :meow:
I would not want to run into him at night :XD: