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Lizbulb is one of the smaller and more common monsters in the world. He scurries along fence posts and is even capable of clinging onto vertical walls thanks to the small barbs on his hands and feet. The interesting feature of this lizard, however, is the high mineral content of his bones. Lizbulb has enough iron in his blood and spikes that when he runs across the ground, static electricity builds up along his body. For the lizard's own defense, it tends to gather around his tail and spines.

Art: Henrie
Lizbulb's creator: ...Henrie! 8D
Monster MMORPG:
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Whoops, typo'd again, didn't I? x'D Lizulb, only one b. Whoo, Normal-monsters! \o/
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-regular. Whoo, REGULAR monsters! x'D-