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His parents are pretty damn awesome - Ko'La's got some big shoes to roll in.  Sam drags him around whenever he gets the chnce to sneak off and to some Explorer's League stuff - he's just small enough to be convenient to drag around.  ;D  Constantly looks ticked off, but he's a content lil' bby.

Species: Voltorb/Cyndaquil
Traits: Chimera
Gender: Male
Type: Electric/Fire
Ability: Soundproof - oddly enough, harder to hear without ears.  Who would have thought?
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Double-Edge, Quick Attack, Charge, Ember

May 7, 2016

Mother: Oku
    Grandmother: Preshtigo
        Great-Grandmother: Discharge
        Great-Grandfather: Al
    Grandfather: Theodicy

Father: Ta-Tun

Level: 100
HP - 136
AT - 102
DF - 102
SA - 125
SD - 86
SP - 137

Training Log:
Oku x Ta-Tun Litter [Realms]
Lost? [Collab with demonicrose]

Realms: Climbing Trees Collab [Collab with MarbleSplotch]
Terrible Mistakes Have Been Made [Collab with MarbleSplotch]

Gitrekt [Collab with MarbleSplotch]
Ghetto Sandstorm [Collab with Dunrosiel, MarbleSplotch, MephiNo, and demonicrose]

Other Experience:

Ko'La | Voltorb/Cyndaquil Chimera: 5 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 4 Shaded
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Finished Art, Fullbody x5, Color x2, Shading x4

Ko'La gained 3 HP, 8 Attack, 11 Defense, 26 Sp. Attack, 2 Sp. Defense, 24 Speed.
Ko'La has earned 74 stat points! Ko'La gained 14 levels!

Ko'La learned Ember

Trainer earned 155 Trinities.