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Isaac serves under one of the more honorable knights in the kingdom, patrolling trade routes and the like so the trade caravans and travelers alike don't have quite so much to fear on the road.  He's certainly had a growth spurt, and is working on that whole "flying" thing, but Dale is patient with him - so far we've not seen any of that legendary Gyarados temper; Isaac's been downright cheery.  Getting used to wearing a saddle to properly cart his partner around-  Runs off on occasion to spend time with Layla.  YOU DOG.

Name: Isaac
Species: Gyarados/Quilava
Traits: Alchemized [Flying+], Chimera
Gender: Male
Type: Water/Fire/Flying+
Swift Swim - WHOOSH!
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Splash, Smokescreen, Ice Fang

Obtained: Gift From bdg222
September 4, 2014

Mother: Orie
Father: Byron
    Grandmother: Cynthia
        Great-Grandmother: Mercy
        Great-Grandfather: Sammy
    Grandfather: Bandit

Level: 100
HP - 130
AT - 127
DF - 105
SA - 133
SD - 123
SP - 114

Training Log:
Visiting the Garden
Found It!
Pokemon Realms: Lots of Isaac [bdg222]
Vs Majesty
Let Them Fight [MephiNo]
Dale Ford

Other Experience:
All The Cool Kids

Isaac | Alchemized [Flying+] Gyarados/Quilava Chimera: 3 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 2 Shaded
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This is the most badass chimera ever!
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D'awww, thank .  x'D
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Just saying but I loved this guy before (both befores) and I adore him now. Huzzah!
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Couldn't stop laughing at "both befores".  xD  Beautiful!
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LOL Glad I could return the favor given how many times you've made me laugh.
//there was the fire noodle before and the fish badger before LOL
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"Finished Art, Fullbody x3, Color x2, Shading x2

Issac gained 5 HP, 9 Attack, 16 Sp. Attack, 16 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Issac has earned 53 stat points! Issac gained 10 levels!

Trainer earned 98 Trinities."
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Well, that person who kept insisting of calling isaac 'Kitty' Will kind of have to go over to 'Tiger' -- at least.
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When you give a noodle wings
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