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Something's a little bit... fishy here...  A gift from Agnesi, Isaac is a lil' sweetheart.  It's pretty clear there's some Magikarp swimming around in his DNA, and Rhea's well aware of what a badass Gyarados can be - but she's... a bit too rough for this lil' squishy.  Z's taking care of Isaac until he can find someone with less questionable morals to raise the Cyndakarp.  His flames burn red-orange, a slight shade darker than his scales, and when he's excited, the fire throw white-blue sparks.  8D  He's a firework, baby!  Small note, Isaac promised to come back and show his pa, Byron, how awesome he's gotten!  So.  x'D  Live up to that, Isaac!  GO!

Name: Isaac
Species: Cyndaquil/Magikarp
Traits: Chimera
Gender: Male
Type: Water/Fire
Swift Swim - WHOOSH!
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Splash, Smokescreen

Obtained: Gift From bdg222
September 4, 2014

Mother: Orie
Father: Byron
    Grandmother: Cynthia
        Great-Grandmother: Mercy
        Great-Grandfather: Sammy
    Grandfather: Bandit

Level: 100
HP - 111
AT - 105
DF - 92
SA - 111
SD - 91
SP - 86

Training Log:
Visiting the Garden
Found It!
Pokemon Realms: Lots of Isaac [bdg222]

Other Experience:
All The Cool Kids

Isaac | Cyndaquil/Magikarp: 4 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 3 Shaded
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Finished Art, Fullbody x4, Color x2, Shading x3

Isaac gained 13 HP, 27 Attack, 10 Defense, 12 Sp. Attack, 9 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Isaac has earned 78 stat points! Isaac gained 15 levels!

Trainer earned 124 Trinities.