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Oh Guppy, you excitable little thing.  There were hopes that when she hatched, she wouldn't grow any teeth - but sure enough, she's got them and has taken a great interest in chewing on Arthur's slippers.  ...Gets away with it, though - after all, can't be mad at the princess's little guppy-dog.  Tully, train your dog.  :<  And stop poking at her belly like that!  Eeesh, the skin is already too thin!  8C

Name: Guppy
Species: Electrike/Poliwag
Traits: Chimera
Gender: Female
Type: Electric/Water
Water Absorb - Ah, yes - that rain feels LOVELY.
Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Water Sport, Odor Sleuth

March 8, 2016

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Level: 42
HP - 20
AT - 11
DF - 36
SA - 56
SD - 57
SP - 44

Training Log:

Other Experience:

Guppy | Elektrike/Poliwag Chimera: 4 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 3 Shaded

Number of Moves Learned: 1
Guppy: Odor Sleuth
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Finished Art, Fullbody x4, Color x2, Shading x3

Guppy gained 5 HP, 10 Attack, 7 Defense, 11 Sp. Attack, 28 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Guppy has earned 68 stat points! Guppy gained 13 levels!

Trainer earned 123 Trinities.     
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The puppy you can't give belly rubs to. :<

But goshhhh she's so cute. <3