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MarbleSplotch was merciful enough to help me teach Cassidy all of her Espeon attacks.  <3  She did linework and coloring, I threw her a sadistic pinecone sketch and did silly things for backgrounds.

I- ....There's a reason that Psyche Up and Power Swap got skipped in the last dump.  x'D  .....oh dear.  Ko'La got ripp'd.  Little pinecone thing up top is....   welp, HOW DO YOU LIKE COMET SHARDS, CASS!? the Reeveelution is coming

Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Gift: 3
Items: Lucky Coin (My inventory <3)
Cassidy | Pineco/Espeon Chimera: 7 Fullbody, 7 Colored, 7 Shaded, 7 Simple Background
Ko'La | Cyndaquil/Voltorb Chimera: 4 Fullbody, 4 Colored, 4 Shaded, 4 Simple Background
SwordsLady | Honedge/Timburr Chimera: 3 Fullbody, 3 Colored, 3 Shaded, 3 Simple Background | MephiNo

Number of Moves Learned: 6
Cassidy: Psyche Up, Power Swap, Future Sight, Confusion (and raaage!), Psybeam
SwordsLady: Bulk Up
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Finished Art, Fullbody x7, Color x7, Shading x7, Simple BG x7

Cassidy gained 28 HP, 38 Attack, 33 Defense, 27 Sp. Attack, 29 Sp. Defense, 12 Speed.
Cassidy has earned 167 stat points! Cassidy gained 33 levels!

Cassidy learned Psyche Up, Power Swap, Future Sight, Confusion and Psybeam

Finished Art, Fullbody x4, Color x4, Shading x4, Simple BG x4

Ko'La gained 23 HP, 28 Attack, 19 Defense, 9 Sp. Attack, 14 Sp. Defense, 9 Speed.
Ko'La has earned 102 stat points! Ko'La gained 20 levels!

Finished Art, Fullbody x3, Color x3, Shading x3, Simple BG x3
Swords Lady gained 8 HP, 18 Attack, 20 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 12 Speed.
Swords Lady has earned 77 stat points! Swords Lady gained 15 levels!

Swords Lady learned Bulk Up

Trainer earned 910 Trinities.

Gift Bonus!
MarbleSplotch & FishBatDragonThing 
Pokemon of Choice gained 3 HP, 2 Sp. Defense, 5 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 10 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 2 levels!

Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.
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Bonus levels will go to Ko'La, OOH LALA.  <3
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Those Future Sight-Confusion panels are perfect.