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Giga Tsunidle

Not officially a thing yet, but more of a bonus to the four people who watch me just to see new monsters before they show up.  x'D  Hai, fileshark.

Loved the island monsters so much, I want them to get a Giga-lift too!  Their stats were all...  super-even and kinda boring, so this guy shall get...  a big Defense and Sp. Attack boost.  <3

His base form, circa ...2012?  fishbatdragonthing.deviantart.…

And award for the OG concept art goes to~! island dragonzzzzzzzz......

On a related note, maybe we should call Monster MMORPG "Everything is dragons - Online!".  |D
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your stuff is pretty good :3 Your the reason i wanted to try drawing some monsters of my own for cef to take a gander at (and hopefully add :3)
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long time no see awesome :D

welcome back
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dragons are the best tho
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HELL. FUCKIN'. YES. I LOVE all the waves and how they flow between the dorsal fins. You're doing the other Giga island-dergs, right? Can't wait to see them! And it's good to see you again! :dummy:
FishBatDragonThing's avatar
That's the plan.  But it's a secret.  Shhhhhhh~
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My lips are sealed. *promptly shuts up*
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Well, water is hard. And that's not the main focus of the picture, is it? The lizard looks awesome. 
FishBatDragonThing's avatar
Let's all agree that Henrie still can't paint water very convincingly.  lol
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