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This guy just rocks, I mean he really knows how to roll with it.  x'D  May not be the fastest, but Dale's got his number.

Species: Geodude
Traits: None
Gender: Male
Type: Ground/Rock
Ability: Rock Head - If you're awesome enough, recoil ain't no thing.
Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl

Obtained: Transfer from Daijou-Bu
April 20, 2015

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Level: 25
HP - 15
AT - 23
DF - 26
SA - 38
SD - 25
SP - 7

Training Log:
(Pokemon-Reign) David [Daijou-Bu]
(Pokemon Reign) Taking My Pet Rock For A Walk [Daijou-Bu]

Other Experience:

David | Geodude: 5 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 4 Shaded
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Finished Art, Fullbody x5, Color x2, Shading x4

David gained 6 HP, 14 Attack, 12 Defense, 37 Sp. Attack, 6 Sp. Defense, 3 Speed.
David has earned 78 stat points! David gained 15 levels!

Trainer earned 159 Trinities.