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Dale Ford

"Soon or later I’ll be leaving, I’m a winner either way, for the laughter and the loving that I’m living with today"
     - Kris Kristofferson, 'Feeling Mortal'

     General Characteristics

Name: Dale Ford
Other Names: The Long Ranger - but he'd probably blush if he heard that one after all these years.
Type: PC
Kingdom: Tairngire Riocht
Titles: Knight of Baile Loch

     Personal Characteristics

Age: 61
Birth Place: Across the pond, a small fishing town on the Basculine River.
Hometown: Baile Loch, though he's holed up in Tairngire until Rhea gets her collective shit together.

Primary Objective: To remain a proper role model for his two sons, both coming of age.
Secondary Objectives: It would be nice to find a proper replacement; neither of his own children are really suited to succeed him, but at the same time the Loch needs an authority figure.

Desires: A break every now and then, he's getting too old for this.  A drinking partner or something, all the friends he's had over the years caught a bad case of the "got old and died".
Secrets: It wasn't an accident he gave the young Dainichi Knight that Reshiram Vial.  He done it on purpose, and nobody's going to tell Rhea this, okay?  Good.
Quirks: What bald spot?  Nope.  NO BALD, ONLY FEDORA, M'LADY.  Never got over the 'denial' stage of getting older.  Makes 'dad jokes'.  You know the ones.
Morality: Sometimes ya gotta do something less-than-noble to get the right results.  That's fine, but you have to think on it twice before you act.
Perception: I've made Baile Loch my home - I've raised small armies to defeat things that threatened us and dispatched with a few truly fearful beast.  But nothing has been so terrifying as the impulsive warlords taking the reigns of my Country...

     Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: The three sprites, Azelf, Uxie, and Mespirit, protect his house.  Dale hopes that these three gods of human power will inspire his boys to become good men.  So far so good; so they get offerings.
Superstitions: Even the truly wicked have moments of vulnerability - but to take advantage of such things invites misfortune.  Would never attack someone from behind after hearing an old wives tale about a man who took advantage of enemies and ended up being stabbed in a public place - nobody saw anything.  Stop telling such things to children!
Virtues: Patience, Charity  
Vices: Gluttony, Sloth

     Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Being complimented, why else would he spend so much time trying to look ten years younger? 
Dislikes: How quiet things have gotten since his wife passed away.  Not a fan when people imply he's beyond his prime, either.  ((Shhh, we don't need the truth here))


Equipment: Minimal armor when he can help it - things to guard his shoulders, chest and head.  Uses a very carefully weighted mace and you damn well better believe he knows how to use it.
Wardrobe: Loose-fitting clothes in dull colors.  Dale isn't here to catch your eye when he's in civilian dress.  Isn't the sort to wear shorts.

     Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Usually pretty stable, but he's often kept up late when there's a conflict of some sort and that's... when he's usually close to breaking down.  Old man needs his naps.
Humor: Dad jokes.  DEAR GOD, dad jokes.
Reputation: For being the sort who can keep a well-intentioned secret.  Sympathizes with young folks on hard times and tries to mentor them where he can.
Status: Widower

     Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Chris Ford (son, at home), Taylor Ford (son, leaving home soon), Marissa Ford (wife, deceased)
Ancestors: Eh.

Allies: Rhea Novak-Thornwall, Arthur Novak, Samiel Osborn
Enemies: ...Nooooooo?
Followers: Sam to a small extent.
Friends: Charlotte Flare
Heroes: His father, a once-decorated Knight who served in a far-off land.
Pokemon: Isaac the Chimera, Chip the Quilladin, Grace the Chimera, David the Geodude
Rivals: Bruh, he's 61.  Nope.

     Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 162 lbs
Heritage: Elvenborne
Hair Color: Blonde, dulling with age.
Hair Length: Short, though he does let what head hair he has grow out on occasion.
Eye Color: Grey
Scars: Shallow bite scars on his left shoulder, an old wound from fighting a dog.  Didn't need to do THAT twice!
Tattoos and Piercings: Huehuehue.


Anima: The nicest of faces mask the most evil of persons, at least that's what experience says.  While it would be nice to believe that people are right and just, it would be unwise to let down one's guard-
Persona: -but...  things have certainly changed since the reign of the Triarchs.  They've left now, but they made a lasting impact on the continent.

     Final Notes?

Dale is an old damn man, hired by the King based on experience more than ability.  In his heyday, not many could match him in a fighting capacity; but he knows well enough when to lean on his Pokemon partners now.  Generally somewhat jolly, Sir Ford often frequents the tavern to tell tales to the younger guards and drum up business for his son, Chris (a budding florist - better believe he wears that pun out).  Those on hard times are more than welcome to come to his place for dinner - Dale often knows someone who can help out in a particular situation.

Currently dog-tired, trying to manage the armies while Charlotte recovers from an acute illness.  The civil unrest in Dainichi and the war declaration with the lord of the GOD.DAMN.OCEAN. are really wearing him out physically and emotionally.  He's trying to set Pippin - the third Knight of Tairngire - up for success; but worries that Pip's lack of experience is going to lead to a dark ending for Tairngire.  Frustrated.

Isaac | Alchemized Quilava/Gyarados Chimera: 1 Partial, 1 Colored, 1 Shaded
Dale Ford | PC: 1 Fullbody, 1 Colored, 1 Shaded
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