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Take Three~!  Chip's been around the block a couple times by now - and now that he's found his way into Arthur's care, he'll be training to become a proper paladin.  ;D

Species: Quilladin
Traits: None
Gender: Male
Type: Grass
Ability: Bulletproof - as silly as that shell looks, at least he's getting something out of it!
Moves: Tackle, Growl

Obtained: Gift from Daijou-Bu
April 13, 2015

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Level: 36
HP - 28
AT - 30
DF - 35
SA - 28
SD - 40
SP - 26

Training Log:
Pokemon Reign Expresso: Ref Sheet [ShellyCake]
Pokemon Reign: Large Sketch Dump [ShellyCake]
(Pokemon-Reign) Chip [Daijou-Bu]
(Pokemon-Reign) Oooh Shiny [Daijou-Bu]
(Pokemon-Reign) Chip [Daijou-Bu]

Other Experience:

Chip | Quilladin: 4 Fullbody, 2 Colored, 3 Shaded
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Finished Art, Fullbody x4, Color x2, Shading x3

Chip gained 18 HP, 11 Attack, 8 Defense, 9 Sp. Attack, 14 Sp. Defense, 4 Speed.
Chip has earned 64 stat points! Chip gained 12 levels!

Trainer earned 131 Trinities.