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Charlotte Flare

"Small men command the letter of the law.  Great men serve its spirit.  For the spirit of the law is justice... and justice is the spirit of God."
     - J.C Marino, Dante's Journey

     General Characteristics

Name: Charlotte Flare
Other Names: "Charlie", but only a brave man would use that nickname.
Type: PC
Kingdom: Tairngire Riocht
Titles: Knight Elite of the Tairngire Riocht army

     Personal Characteristics

Age: 29
Birth Place: Lenx
Hometown: Tairngire Riocht

Primary Objective: Maintaining and strengthening the army of Tairngire.
Secondary Objectives: Keeping Byörb's feathers nice n' pretty.

Desires: Nothing more than the proper respect of her subordinates, and Charlotte goes to great lengths to earn said respect.
Secrets: When nobody's looking, she completely drops the hard-ass attitude and gets cuddly with Byorb.  I mean baby noises and everything.
Quirks: Want to keep Charlotte distracted for hours?  Tilt all of the paintings in the hall or make a mess of the equipment room.  She'll go nuts trying to get everything perfectly lined up again.
Morality: Discipline is the truest route to being a good man or woman.  It's also the only defense the common man can raise towards an obnoxious nobility.
Perception: Men want to do good in the world.  Any criminal will claim circumstance made them commit a crime.  ...So keep them in a place where they don't have -time- to misbehave....  the military state will save these young men from their mistakes.

     Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: When idealism is permissible, Charlotte offers all her extra coin to Reshiram's Handmaidens.  But there's been a few times when she's desperately clung to Zekrom's banner in the hope of accomplishing -anything-.
Superstitions: She adheres strongly to the concept of "karma", like 'whoah'.  Also keeps an acorn in her windowsill - you know, to keep the lightning out.
Virtues: Charity, Diligence
Vices: Wrath, Pride

     Likes and Dislikes

Likes: People who remember to 'get to the point'.
Dislikes: Trypo.  People who spend their time reading profiles in hopes of learning 'dirt'.


Equipment: Charlotte's been given a fantastic set of scale mail and plate armor, to go with them a proper commander's saber.  But unless we're at war, you're more likely to find her in her general's uniform.
Wardrobe: She's the sort who has 7 nicely pressed uniforms in her closet, all identical, down to the buttons.  Save for the exercise clothes, but meh.  Those go in the drawer.

     Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Yeaup.  No more outbursts.  In fact, if you're yelling, she's going to outright ignore you.
Humor: No fun allowed.
Reputation: Charlotte is known to help the more obstinate soldiers who have tripped 'down the stairs' in the training field.  ...There are no stairs in the training field.
Status: Unmarried, and not looking.

     Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Caleb Flare (brother)
Ancestors: Pfft.  She comes from dirt.

Allies: Dale Ford, Pippin Daniels
Enemies: . . . . . .
Followers: Trypo Nighten
Friends: (Does Byorb count?)
Heroes: Yuri Messia - a brave woman worthy of respect.
Pokemon: Byörb the Chimera, Bekka the Ponyta, Biscuit the Munchlax, Abinawa the Riolu
Rivals: Time.

     Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 173 lbs
Heritage: Human
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Length:  -snicker-  Actually, right now it's super short.  It'll grow back, dear.
Eye Color:  Pink/red.
Scars:  Two cuts on the forehead, going into her hairline.  She's got a long scar on her left side where a sword cut her to the ribs once - but let's be honest, Charlotte is too much of a prude for anyone to know this.
Tattoos and Piercings: Small black heart tattoo on her left shoulder.  Meh.  More things nobody will ever see.  XD


Anima: Believe me, Charlotte would much rather star yelling back at you when you're spitting orders in her face.  She'd love to cut down those particularly vicious individuals who would dare call themselves 'gentlemen' when they've proven otherwise and not think twice of it, but-
Persona: -Such are the actions of those with no better option.  Charlotte preaches discipline and will jump into a fire if it means not being a hypocrite.  As such, she follows her orders to the letter.   To. The. Letter.  ...Of course, some of the finer details are left up to her, aren't they?

     Final Notes?

Of the three knights brought in to help manage the army, Charlotte has been given the lead.  She's not the strongest, not the brightest, but she's aware of this and knows how to apply people according to their strengths.  Very, VERY much a stick-in-the-mud, and doesn't seem to care for fun in the slightest.  Idle time could better be spent working than drinking.  She's not exactly...  fond of her king or queen.  But so far they've not.. managed.. to fuck up horribly.  ....Somehow.

Currently rolling around in a Ho-Oh temple in Viburn, trying to recover from a rather nasty little infection of the shoulder.  Should by all rights be dead - stop trying to fix it, kid.

Byörb | Natu/Nidoran Chimera: 1 Fullbody, 1 Colored, 1 Shaded
Charlotte Flare | PC: 1 Partial, 1 Colored, 1 Shaded
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"Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Shading x1, PC

Byorb gained 7 HP, 9 Defense, 6 Sp. Defense, 12 Speed.
Byorb has earned 34 stat points! Byorb gained 6 levels!

Finished Art, Partial x1, Color x1, Shading x1, PC

Pokemon of Choice (Charlotte) gained 6 Defense, 10 Sp. Attack, 4 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice (Charlotte) has earned 20 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (Charlotte) gained 4 levels!

Trainer earned 91 Trinities."