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Okay, let it be known that I am a SUCKER for a parakeet. Any day of the week. So, GarbageKeeper's Budgeet? Makes me happy. Ridiculously so.

They travel in massive flocks of up to 2,000 members in search of seeds and small bugs. When a predator comes near, these parrot-like monsters jump into flight, and with their sheer numbers it is usually enough to dizzy any foe. The five multifaceted jewels on their chests serve as an indicator of their health, for a healthy Budgeet's gems will literally glow with health. Once old enough to start a family of their own, it is not uncommon for a Bugeet to transform into it's next stage along with its mate and separate from the flock.

Art: Henrie!
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Awesome! Your work keeps amazing me! :D