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Arthur Novak

"As you think, so shall you become."
     - Bruce Lee

     General Characteristics

Name: Arthur William Novak
Other Names: Honey, Muffin, Honey-Muffin
Type: PC
Kingdom: Tairngire Riocht
Titles: Commander of the Tairngire Riocht army

     Personal Characteristics

Age: 32
Birth Place: Timburr Province
Hometown: Tairngire Riocht

Primary Objective: Making sure that nothing else tries to come between Tully and growing up to be a happy, healthy little girl.  <3
Secondary Objectives: To raise the most decorated army this continent has ever seen!  Country-side bandits don't stand a chance.

Desires: Respect, notoriety, a cheese sandwich, peace and security.
Secrets: Arthur knows he could have prevented the conflict between his wife and the Fae completely... but he missed his chance because he hesitated.  He pokes through private affairs FAR more than he lets on.
Quirks: Tells the worst jokes; would much rather cuddle than hold up this whole manly-man thing; loses sleep worrying that something will happen to his family.
Morality: We can stretch my army further by raiding the countryside?  Good.  Let it be done, for the benefit of the region.  Everyone needs to pitch in to keep the country safe.
Perception: Everything happens for a reason - it may not be a just reason or a logical one, but we plant the seeds now for tomorrows successes and failures.

     Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Arthur doesn't have ties to any specific Poke-God, but will stop and pray (Or nap, but shhhh....) at a shrine to Suicune if he happens by it and isn't pressed for time.
Superstitions: Man swears by his lucky underwear.  Many attempts have been made to 'assassinate' the filthy things, but so far none have succeeded.
Virtues: Humility, Justice
Vices: Greed, Sloth

     Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Order, playing war, army drills, history
Dislikes: Cowardice, 'spontaneous acquisitions', underhanded politics


Equipment: If Arthur is out on patrol with his guardsmen or playing the part of royal guard, he's going to have a minimum of a spear and a shield on his person.  Dressier occasions may warrant full armor - but his set is so heavy there's not a mount in the kingdom that could dare carry him.  ...Should fix that.  He carries a small amount of bribe money on his person at all times, and often has need of it.
Wardrobe: Various garments, with no consistent color scheme.  He won't suffer ragged or worn clothes, and generally keeps everything ironed.  Yes, even the casual stuff.

     Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: Solid like a rock.  Things might bother, but he's not the sort to break over it - unless it's bad news about Rhea or Tully.  That's a deal-breaker.
Humor: His jokes are the funniest.  Just ask him.  Sooo funny.
Reputation: Reputation for being Rhea's hard-ass military dog, and it isn't exactly unearned.  He's more than willing to flex the guardsmen a bit in the face of adversity.
Status: Woe is the commander without an army...  Working on that.  A few Knights are in order, methinks.

     Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Rhea Novak-Thornwall (wife), Tybalt Novak (son, deceased), Carrie Novak (daughter, deceased), Tully Novak (daughter, lost-then-found!  <3)
Ancestors: Samuel Novak (founder of the Novak family, still kicking around at the ripe old age of ANCIENT) a man known for holding White Pass against any and all foes.

Allies: Tentative bits of trust for those of the Dainichi Court.  ....but some worrisome things are unfolding.
Enemies: -nervous laugh-
Followers: None currently, on the hunt for some knights, though.
Friends: I'm not gonna stop joking about that Andres bro-mance Arthur's got going on.
Heroes: Hmmph.
Pokemon: Brick the Shieldon, Tybalt the Chimera
Rivals: Everyone with a larger army.  So...  pretty much EVERYONE.

     Physical Characteristics

Height: 7'2"
Weight: 345 lbs
Heritage: Human 
Hair Color: Chestnut
Hair Length:  Short, often not brushed
Eye Color:  Yellow! Oh, and brown.  :P
Scars:  He's got one gnarly scar under his left pectoral and above his navel, a training incident.
Tattoos and Piercings: Naaaah...


Anima: Arthur is a calm individual.  he enjoys quiet time, reading, and going "D'AWWW" when he sees something cute.  But he's supposed to be all big and imposing, so...
Persona: -He takes only brief moments to consider his actions, and often goes with the one that will look the coolest.  FOR GLORY!

     Final Notes?

Arthur does his best to hit that middle ground between getting things done and not being a prick.  He's prone to making light of things that would otherwise be kinda depressing and looks for the bright side where possible - even if the bright side is nothing better than a pun.  Always busy with something, usually some form of exercise, whether physical or mental - it's not uncommon to catch Arthur out on patrol with his guardsmen, keeping the roads clear of bandits.  He's a particular hate for brigands; those who would turn on their duty to king and country for personal gain.  If he's not armored up and roaming the streets, he's at home doting over his daughter, Tully.

At the moment, Arthur is missing a good bit of sleep caring for his wife and trying to help her memory along.  He's no stranger to shortness of sleep, but it is making him a great deal more lenient in all things...  He's also making the rounds trying to find some guard captains worth their salt.  Anything to give him more time to handle the mess at home...
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