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Lemme tell you a story about a scientist. He'd just discovered a way to replicate a monster's psychic energy by using a complicated series of magnets and intricate wiring. He went so far as to build a metal 'puppet' with the new technology before he went to the public to try and sell the idea. It didn't go over well - the puppet he'd built wasn't very obedient, and did things of his own free will. Many people feared that the puppet controlling the psychic power would malfunction and wreak havoc on the towns and cities people lived in.

Shunned, but not at all discouraged, the scientist went back home and further fine-tuned the puppet, finding ways to prohibit automation. Seemingly, they worked; but again the public disagreed with the man's work. He moved far from town, making more and more of the robots, tinkering with the design further. Once again, the bots were self-aware, but hard-wired with a sense of humor. For, in the years he'd spent building these robots, the scientist had grown very, very lonely. The robots were grateful for the life they'd been gifted, and donned funny outfits to try and cheer up their creator - to no avail. Frustrated that their attempts were fruitless, all but a select few of these bots have left the side of their master. Some say he's still out there in the wild, building more...

Art: Henrie
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A.I.ster...iiii get it XD nice way to go about an official pokeys evolution...fake design thing. scientists and robots!
like how you did the bells!
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That's so awesome....
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This is pretty fabulous.
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o-o the story... so awesome. it should be an anime series XD