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I enjoy shit-shows. x'D
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My Bio
Hey. Sup. I'm Henrie, and, uh... I live on the internet, I guess.


Hi. //waves//

Mostly dumb Pokemon in the gallery, not gonna lie. Haha, and like... 200 Monsters for Monster MMORPG. I guess that's a thing, too. If I end up reaaaal bored, we might get some arts n' crafts up. I dunno. Much easier to stay buried in the digital medium. Pew-pew-pew----

**Nobody should be allowed to edit their Deviant ID while tired...

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Nyaaaaah, the one with that guy in it. He's got that -face-.
Favourite TV Shows
*snort* would require I watch television. Oh, YouTube....
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Uhh... on a Disturbed kick right now. Didja know they did a 'Sound of Silence' cover?
Favourite Books
...You mean those things with the words? ...Oh. HA! Good one.
Favourite Writers
As above, so below~~~~
Favourite Games
MIND GAMES. Oh. I mean. Uh. Pokemon! Duh? ...If you've got a working PS2 and can find a copy of Drakengard---- haha, that one is morbidly hillarious.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC Master Race- holla, holla!
Tools of the Trade
$5 junk bin graphics tablet, and uh. My hands. Yup.
Other Interests
Hahah, get it?  Peeps.  Because, you know.  "Bird noises".  Yes!~  So, Tully is a fan of feathers.  And birds.  And bird noises.  In an effort to get more of these many-wonderful things... this... happened.  Is happening.  Why?  I... I dunno.  But you know that this stall is SUPER LEGIT, bro.  Just look at that grade-A sign-manship!  (I'm sure she did some of that herself.) Anyway, Tully's kinda a derp - so even ya'll who aren't flapping featherdusters around can swing by and drop off.. I dunno, Pidgey feathers covered in glitter or something.  The kinds that sparkle are the best.  XD  AAAAND what do you GET for your generous gift!?  Well.  
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I mentioned that I'd be doing requests starting February 2nd.  And that much was true.  In fact, I'm... still... doing them.  >_>  That last batch of 6 uploads were all user requests on the M3O forums, in this ( thread. Those replies?  ...That's how far from done I am.  ALMOST down to one page.  <3 Anyway, it's a really fun experience overall.  Some of the requests clearly have a lot of love and thought put into them, and that's always fun to draw.  The fact that it's 'not just a new Monster, but a fan made one' makes it 20x more fun. To all those with no idea WHAT I am talking a
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Excel sheets are a funny thing, they make words bleed together after you've stared at them for some time.  I'm having a hard time reading text on screen after a marathon of yet more Monster MMORPG Move edits. But the game is totally ready now.  And that's great.  Better yet, I can get back to other things and not have that annoying thought in the back of my head constantly nagging that a project is waiting on me.  Again.  x'D   Is it just me, or is that an artistic trait? Anyway, in less computery news!  Marking Feb 2nd down as an awesome day!  Four cars.  One hour.  So many oil changes.  Grease everywhere and tire pressures checked.  That
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i dont think i ever commented here but i remember joining realms with you as strangers and we had a good laugh together, you got me to draw weird creatures and i loved it. still thinking about you when i think about ARPGs, hope you're resting well <3

Another year, and we still miss you :pepsi:

:pepsi: We still miss you. :pepsi:

Hey Henrie, just thinking about you and wishing you were here. I could really use your HUEHUE laugh or some silly joke right about now :pepsi:
It's hard to think its almost been 3 years almost... we still miss you so very, very much
I miss you, mate. :(