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Ivan Morrows
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hey mates!

I am a Multimedia Technician/Illustrator who lives in western Canada. I have a deep love for gaming and anime, which heavily inspires a large portion of my work. I primary work in Adobe Illustrator, bringing my imagination to life as sweet sweet vector graphics. I'm a fairly easy going guy, so don't be afraid to stop by and chat!


The Kamu are a hardy race, with the ability to produce an aura of universal energy. Though not as skilled in the more intricate control of such forces, they are still formidable users of these powers. They stand around 5’8” / 172 cm and humanoid with an athletic build. Their skin ranges from tanned to dark and they all have small horns protruding from their forehead, giving them a somewhat oni-like appearance.

Their language is Uta, being a race taught by the Predecessors, though are known for possessing a distinctly harsher accent compared to other speakers. They also have a tendency towards using a lot of slang and more crude language, a result of the more rugged environment they live in.

The Kamu follow the First Teachings, tending to lean more towards those of Armsmaster Uhm, with highlight strength, craftsmanship, glory and instinct. This has led to them being a very practical people, who think with their gut and speak their mind. They revel in competition, being hotheaded and passionate, and are skilled in combat and engineering. All members of their race are taught the arts of battle as part of their education and the majority of Kamu development is put into weaponry and heavy machinery.

A common and highly celebrated part of Kamu culture is Sigil Fights. These contest of combat ability pit two contestants together, with the two most common being between two Sigil holders or someone challenging a holder. In the latter case, it is most often a battle fought on the most even of terms, with both contestants being granted similar equipment. Should the defender lose this contest, the stakes are usually the Sigil they hold. Such means of Sigil acquisition make for less fatal attempts on holders in order to obtain a Knight armor.    

Yeveraz, their home world, is ruled by a King who is often a powerful warrior in his own right. The current King however is a harsh tyrant, puppeteered by a powerful Kijo. As such the one strong alliance they long shared with the Megami is currently broken, despite many of the Kamu still secretly holding to this bond. This, unsurprisingly, has led to much open rebellion against the King, though much of this is quickly quelled by the now far more brutal Royal Guard.  

The planet itself is an equally hard environment, being rugged and craggy. It is home to many volcanos and is highly rich in ore making it, while dangerous, a very fertile industrial center. It is a rather dry place, having a semi-arid climate, and generally stays around the same warm temperature throughout.  

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