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whoa, very nice
I swear Clark's expression is saying
'I wonder how fast I can get him out of that armor without breaking any of his equipment...'
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I salute these beautiful heroes
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superbat gives me life XDDDDDDD
shadowhalfbreed's avatar face just went bright red....
XD lol, love it :)
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I'm in love with your coloring style! 
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That... That's hot.
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Don't get it, don't get it, MUST SHIP IT, MUST SHIP IT!
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-Nose bleed-
Love it~
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I'm beginning to like SupermanXBatman. Well done.
just amazing !!!!!!!
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Wow !!!!!!!!!
Masterpiece .
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This is BEAUTIFUL! Loving everything about it.
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This is fabulous! :3 I just love Batman in this vulnerable moment <3
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This is beautiful! love the detail in their muscles ... :0
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whats the deal with this gey urge shit ?
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This is such a good piece. Really. And I don't find them out of character! I think Kal-El could have his smexy site and that Bats in his deep Bruce emotions could be indeed a sensitive lover. :shrug: :XD:
But bla, I really enjoy this pic. It's soooo pretty and don't know why to lose any more words. *^*
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