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Learning English Stamp

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A new version with the animated emoticon can be found here [link]

I'm german and my english is far away from being perfect, I completely know that but I learn every day and try to become better. I'm sure here on dA are tons of people who's native language is not english and who still need to learn to become better so I made this stamp that those people could show that they actually care and try to become a better english speaker.

Attention: This does not mean that I (or the person who uses this stamp) hardly can write/read/understand english, it just means that I'm still in the learning process and hopefully can speak it fluently one day.

Stamp base: [link] by ~JetProwerTheFox
dA's reading emoticon: :reading:

EDIT: I changed the file so that the stamp is transparency at the edges.

ANOTHER EDIT: This stamp also seems quite popular with the native english speaking dA members which I think is really great. All native speakers (not just the english ones) have a long way to go in their lives to fully understand and correctly use their own language, this is totally normal and an important process.
I wish everyone good luck learning the languages they try to learn ( no matter whether it's their 1st, 2nd, 3rd ect ect language :) )
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You go you can do it

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My first language is Hungarian and I'm still learning English but I love it :D
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i'm Egyptian and of course my first language is Arabic and i'm still learning English to get better at speaking it.
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In Turkey our main language is Turkish and you learn Turkish till you die Ugh 
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Using! Thanks ^^
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Using! Ive also modified it :)
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Same here, but I'm also still learning how to put punctuation in there right place.
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I may be a native in American English, but I'm still learning both American and British English as well.
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I am still learning it too the problem with that is its my first language :/
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Cooler stamp! :3 Ich bin übrigens auch deutsche :D 
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I am also still learning English. Got this great article on assesing someone English. Step 1: Take an assesment Test.…
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Eng for me very easy :DD
(i'm russian :3)
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Yeah...still learning...I like to speak English,even though i make mistakes at times... :)
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English is my first language and I'm still learning...
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I'm a French-Canadian and i know my english is not perfect, so i'll do my best :)
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I used it, thank you very much for the stamp :)
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My native language is Spanish, and I'm still learning English! And I'm really proud of it. I don't really care if someone says that my English sucks, because life is full of mistakes and thanks to them we can learn a lot of things ~
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I think its cool your learning a foreign language. Your English is a lot better than my Spanish is, and better than my English is some days. 
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I'm an English and Spanish native, but I get it coz my mom is learning English, she's from Mexico haha, so she asks me questions every day about English. 
It's a pretty difficult language to teach too...=3=
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