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  • Listening to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
  • Reading: Barins Dreieck - Hakan Nesser
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There are so many people out there in the internet who seem to like stealing the things I made. Just like someone who put my brushes here without any credits (…) or the arabian site which stole my brushes too. Moreover a turkish site which took my layout and some avatars, changed the layout and wrote that they designed it -.- Oh my, I takes me hours to create graphics and they just take and steal it.
Why does nobody asks me? I would allow it, but I'd like to know where my things are going and what happens to them...

Somehow it's sad... I work for hours and they just take it and don't think about credits.... in any case.
  • Listening to: Sturm und Drang - Miseria
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  • Drinking: Tea
Today I had nothing to do and updatet pictures and brushes to this account... my server's down, I'm satisfied to be called embarassing and always argue with those The Rasmus fans... Being The Rasmus fan means to fight a war all the time. Against fans, anti-fans, the band and their behaviour...
it's not easy after all...

I never know what to write in English -.- I don't feel like someone who isn't bad in languages, but as a stupid fool writing something in this foreign language... I ever write German stories cause of this, I can't express myself in English. Not very well.

And I wonder why so many people downloaded my stupid brushes XD thanks to that by the way... and for the comments I received today.
But now I should shut up... it's nearly 4 a.m. here and I have some things to do tomorrow...