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Snake and Bat Harmony

By Fischer-Art
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This is a piece I was commissioned to do by a fellow artist. It was a very fun challenge for myself.
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iPhone 5s
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Mar 27, 2014, 7:31:14 PM
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Wow! The details! Well done, love the snake :D
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Thanks! This piece has really made me want to incorporate more snakes into my work.
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You're welcome! That would be awesome, i love reptiles, especially snakes. You should to a King Cobra some time, they're so pretty :)
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Awesome picture. This actually reminds me of an interesting article I read on the blog called which talked about some of the more surprising victims of desmodus rotundus - including a snake! They say fact is stranger than fiction, lol.

For anyone who is interested, the article is here…
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Thank you! And thanks for posting the link, it was very intriguing.
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Absolutely beautiful. These are my two favorite animals lol. 
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Lol that's awesome. And thank you!
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Nice! The common vampire bat's face is realistic and recognizable as that particular species, even with the (understandable) artistic license you have taken with his teeth - their little, razor-sharp, wedge-shaped incisors don't look nearly as impressive as a good pair of Bela Lugosi chompers! The wings look great, too (except that the thumbs appear to be either missing or joined up to the index fingers, which is a bit weird). I like the hatchwork on the wings. The rattlesnake looks awesome - I like the patterning in his scales!

(I uploaded a vampire bat portrait to my own gallery just yesterday - check it out! :D (Big Grin) )
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Thanks! I really appreciate your input. I did think the bat could look a tad bit meaner lol. As for the thumbs, the picture I referenced didn't have them sticking out as they normally would. At the time of this piece I was still in a mode of drawing almost exactly what I see rather than understanding that small changes like that could make it work even better. I'll definitely check out your portrait.
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