Shiny Spotting Competition! OVER!

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TIME IS UP! No more entries will be accepted!
The live drawing of the winners will be done by Leptocyon tomorrow at 10:30 PM CET. That's in 24 hours and 25 minutes.
The link to the channel will be posted shortly before, and we hope some people will come and watch~

Oh hello!

Looks like it's time for another competition.
No, you don't have to draw my dumb characters wearing pumpkins on their heads.

It's like Where's Wally? but more .... shiny~ :'D

:iconbummy1: Spot the Shinies! :iconbummy2:

Your task is to sift through the whole comic and find all the Shiny Pokémon.
Then you make a list of their locations (you don't have to specify the panel, just the page haha) and send it to the Group as your entry.
If you found them all, you have the chance to win one of the following prizes~

:pokeball: The Prizes! :pokeball:

:bulletblue: Two-character cell shaded drawing with a simple background by :iconleptocyon:
:bulletblue: Two-character cell shaded drawing with transparent or color splash background by :iconkrisantyne:
:bulletblue: 300 points

The winners will be drawn randomly out of all participants with correct entries in the following way:
The first winner can decide between all the prizes.
The second winner can decide between the two remaining prizes.
The third winner gets the last remaining prize.

The drawing of the winners will be public in a Livestream or, and the exact time of this drawing will be posted when the end of the competition is announced.

:pokeball: The Deadline! :pokeball:

You can enter until November 2nd, 10PM CET.
(That's some time in the afternoon in the time zone where New York is, I'm not dealing with time zone conversion around the daylight saving time changes because America apparently doesn't do it at the same day as Europe. :V)

:pokeball: The Rules! :pokeball:

:bulletgreen: You have to be a member of the Group. (If you forgot to join, we will ask you to.)

:bulletgreen: Send your entry to the Group in a Note titled 'Shiny Spotting Competition', it should look somewhat like this:
1. Lugia, Page 1
2. Sharpedo, Extra 1
3. Caterpie, Page 99

:bulletred: DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRY OR ANY HINTS IN THE COMMENTS. Comments like that will be hidden.

:bulletgreen: Only one entry per person, if you sent one you can't change it later.

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions, comment here~

:pokeball: Good Luck! :pokeball:

Don't worry, it's not that hard. All the Shinies have been spotted already, so it should definitely be possible to find them again. ;p
The Paras with the 1-Up Mushrooms is not a Shiny btw. xD Only official colors count. Only Pokémon with distinct Shiny colors appear, so no Garchomp or confusing stuff like that.
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Woot finally you decide to open it XD
good luck to all of you guys!