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Hello there, members/members to be. I, founder of this group, wanted to have a place where I can gather all fans of this wonderful comic by Krisantyne. If you haven't already read it then I warmly invite you to do so. It's a lovely and a very addictive Nuzlocke comic which follows adventures of young Sara and her Pokemon throughout Rijon region. This comic is full of cheerful spirit and diverse personalities which you will get addicted to very easy. This is one of those comics where you can see how much effort, time and energy is given to each page from wonderful backgrounds, eye pleasant colors to language puns and entertaining dialogues. Try it, you will love it, I'm sure you will.

First Summer - A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke [Cover] by Krisantyne
First Summer cover

Kris' PokeVerse
By now, it should have become apparent that quite a bit of worldbuilding went into this little comic of mine. If not, I fail whoops. Basically, I'm trying to explain many of the things in the Pokémon world that don't make sense or that I interpret in a specific way. A hopeless endeavour, I know, but extremely fascinating. So if you're interested in any kind of behind-the-scenes information that can't be fully explored in the limited space of a comic, you might want to read this ... or at least some of it. I'll never be cool enough for not being TL;DR, I know.
This database will be expanded with new facts as soon as they aren't spoilers anymore. This especially pertains to anything related to the Team Rocket subplot.
You can also ask questions if you're wondering about something, and the answers might be added here. Annnd feel free to point it out if something doesn't make sense~. My ego can take that.

Nuzlocke Rules
:bulletblack: Pokémon can di


Info about PKMN Rijon Adventures

Pokémon rijonAdventures is a ROM hack by Haruki Hanai & Coolboyman based on FireRed - it's set in a completely new region full of fascinating places to explore and interesting people to meet.

You're the child of Red, a former League Champion. People have high expectations of you, now that you're starting your own Pokémon journey. Assemble a team from the diverse native Pokémon of Rijon and prove yourself!
Unfortunately, Team Rocket is rising again just now, and their plans are more sinister than ever. Guess whose job it will be to put a stop to them? Don't worry, I'm sure you will be able to deal with this just fine~.

Rijon is a hospitable region with a pleasant, warm climate. Most major cities are located by the sea, so you can expect many wonderful views on your journey. Don't forget to explore the extensive underground, though - who knows what you might find there? And maybe you'd like to make a little detour to Johto?

In all seriousness, this game is fantastic. It's not quite finished (none of the fabulous post-game stuff that is constantly hinted at actually exists), but it goes all the way up to the Elite Four, so you can become the Champion.

Rijon Adventures download thread

Official web site


Info about gallery folders

This is a fan group focused around First Summer but we will work on promoting Nuzlocke community and Pokemon world as well.

Short info about every gallery:

:bulletred: Featured
As the name of this folder says, best arts will be displayed here. We, admins, will move deviations we find worthy to this folder.
If you are holding a project related to Nuzlocke/Pokemon world you're more than welcome to send a note to our group with link and we will be glad to add it here if it corresponds to the conditions.

:bulletred: First Summer comic
A folder where Krisantyne will add covers, pages, extras and all related to her comic.

:bulletred: Cameos
Contains pages of nuzlocke comic where characters of First Summer were cameos.

:bulletred: Kris' Choice
A folder where Krisantyne will feature covers/first pages of Nuzlocke comics which she reads.

:bulletgreen: FS Fanart
Folder for all fan art made for the First Summer comic.

:bulletgreen: Nuzlocke Group Pictures
Folder where we will feature all group pictures with more than one Nuzlocke trainer and/or Pokemon. Whether it's a part of some kind of project or just a group fan art you are allowed to submit it here.

:bulletgreen: General Pokemon art and crafts
The most miscellaneous folder in this group.
You can add all Pokemon related fan art/crafts/redesigns/pixel work and so on. You are also allowed to submit your Nuzlocke related pictures/drawings but not reference sheets.

Legend: :bulletred: - members can't submit deviations here ; :bulletgreen: -members are free to submit their deviations here


A couple of simple rules

*Please, don't use this group to promote your Nuzlocke comic on your own. We will hold feature journals but beside there and a respective group folder don't advertise anywhere else.

*Be polite and don't start fights. We don't want a flow of negative energy here. :) Constructive critics are always welcome as well as suggestions how to improve.

*We affiliate only with Nuzlocke and Pokémon related groups and fan groups. If you have a fan group for your Nuzlocke comic feel free to send us affiliation request. :)

*Both of your admins are very talkative and friendly so don't be afraid to post comments or send us notes. As long as they are not spams or hostile messages we will be glad to take a minute of our time to help you. :aww:

*Most important rule. HAVE FUN, GUYS! Enjoy in Nuzlocke comics and everything that Pokemon world offers to us! :dance:

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If you have a group which is focused on Nuzlockes feel free to send us an affiliation request! Other Nuzlockes fan groups are more than welcome too. :)


Group Info

This is a fan group for :iconkrisantyne:' Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke comic "First Summer". It will be a base for all "First Summer" fans and a place where Kris can find support and extra motivation for finishing her comic, but it will also focus on whole Pokemon and Nuzlocke community and especially on promoting that positive Nuzlocke spirit which we all love.
We will held a lot of mini and maxi events, contest and why not, a couple of giveaways. :)
So join us and help us spreading a positive Nuzlocke and Pokemon spirit.
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Fan Club

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Yes, this is still a thing. Get your monthly bi-monthly sporadic Nuzlocke fix here! \o/

'NuzRea' by Skitea


NuzRea: Chapter 1 OLD by Skitea

Okay this person has like a million watchers alReady (deservedly so, since she makes super fantastic art, and LOTS of it), but she's new to the Nuzlocke community, so you might not know her yet. Which should be changed, since it would be a shame if you missed out on her Nuzlocke of Pokémon X.
It's in Flash format, with buttons and sound and even some little animations, and if that's not the most fun thing ever, then I don't know either. ouo Only one chapter so far, so I can't say anything about the story without spoiling literally everything there is, but I SWEAR it will be good, and y'all trust me, right? So just let me gush a bit about the art, especially the expressions. The characters's expressions are the Reason I read this chapter over and over again because they are just so precious and make me happy. And the main character is soooooooo adorable and the epitome of ginger. Can you just watch the intro animation now, so I can stop typing? ;w;


'Pokémon HeartGold Adventure' by PatiLee


PHGA - Lee's Team by PatiLee

This is probably the best character centric Nuzlocke I know. It takes all the time in the world to show interactions between the Pokémon, so you will grow to love them all and never forget who's on the team. For example, my favourite is Hilary the Furret who usually acts harshly towards the other Pokémon, but puts his cutest face on for their trainer Lee who doesn't understand Pokémon language. I swear, if anyone of them dies, I will cry forever.
'But Kris, if this comic spends so much time on things that aren't related to moving forward with the plot, it can't be getting anywhere and will never be finished!' Haha. No. They just won the 4th Badge after only 33 pages. I don't know how she's doing it either.
Oh, don't be confused by the first page saying it's not a Nuzlocke, the game was restarted very soon after the beginning and then played as a Nuzlocke. Makes the backtracking after showing the Togepi to the professor much more interesting~


'Sam's FireRed Nuzlocke' by GodSAMmit


Sam's FIRERED Nuzlocke Cover by GodSAMmit

This comic is remarkable for being able to frequently switch between comedy and drama without awkwardness. You never know if the next page will make you laugh-cry or cry-cry, and both are great. When I'm sad, I just read the page with the Running Shoes again because it's impossible to still be sad after that. c: When I want to be sad, I read the beginning again after already knowing some of the very angry main character's backstory.
Warning/additional selling point: Language. :V
Another reason why you should watch GodSAMmit are her detailed paitings, they are great and usually psychedelic.


'Shiro's Trial' by Eldariel


Shiro's Trial by Eldariel

You might have seen this one if you frequent the Nuzlocke Forum, but it's not so well-known on dA, so here you go. Started many years ago and still going strong, so you can look forward to a lot of pages to read~
The art is highly detailed and in full color everywhere, and every page is a delight just for that already, especially the nighttime and cave sences. The older pages even got some updates not long ago, for a more consistent visual quality of the whole story.
Of course you need more for a good Nuzlocke than just mad drawing skillz, and this one has everything: A thrilling plot (even though the cover clearly shows you who it's about), some sprinkles of humor, and good characters. I'm especially impressed with the interpretation of canon characters. Blue, Bill, Sabrina, Giovanni - all different from what you'd expect and all really, really freaking great.

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