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Princess 'Siri'

This is supposed to be Siri from Brandon Sanderson's e-book "Warbreaker". It's from the scene where she's first allowed out of the castle after her first week there.

Ha!!! The first of my "Kodomo" style pics... and the second on my tablet... super happy to have it. (Although I still SUPER SUCK on it. You should see my hand drawn ones. WAY BETTER! Maybe I'll scan in the disney ladies eventually.)

So this style is one I've kind of creating using what I can do well (anime style eyes), and what I suck at (hands, which is why they're balls. And feet... all of them have feet like that.) It's also partly supposed to look like those online dolls. (Which it's a lot more like with it being all done in PAINT! I freaking am on my little brother's computer since I killed mine.... -.-;; )
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You might be interested in checking out Paint.NET - it's a free program that has a lot of the same basic tools that photoshop does, but it's simple to use and free. It also works better with a tablet than Paint does! :D Keep on drawing!
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thanks for the advise, I'll check it out!