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Weapons concept 04

By FirstKeeper
WOW style weapons study
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would you mind if I model them? Always with credits of course. Just for practise

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Great work, can I use your concept art for my personal project? :)
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Hello, I used one of your concepts here to practice handpainted textures. Here!
I hope you don't mind me using your concepts :) (Smile) 
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That turned out great, thank you for sharing
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Hi !
I have done an original costume, and I am currently making the weapon. It's a trident, I already made the "lamina part" and I was wondering, would you mind if I used the model of the central wand to dress my stick a little ? I would change some colors to fit with my costume, but except for the ring at the bottom I would use the same model as on your drawing.

Whatever you say, thanks for your reply !
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Sure, go ahead. Thanks for asking and good luck!
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Thank you so much ! I will make sure to credit you :D
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amazing stuff! I modeled one of them, I hope I did it justice…
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Thanks for sharing, I would add metallic highlights on edges so it will look more like a metal. 
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What are the key features and or reoccurring patterns for the World of Warcraft style that you have discovered for your intimate experience? And why are they used Tamara?


[Also If a question or aspect is hard and or difficult to answer fully just say what is not about said question and possibly why.

As in like this:
(Example Question: 'Fantasy' Exaggerated Qualities: Why?)
-*Hard time answering* [Just Re-ask an opposite version of the question:

(Opposite Version: Why not have Realistic subtle features?:)
Example Answer: -So the Items / Characters are Easy to distinguish in crowds, Have Heightened fantasy 'vibe', and approach-ability'

Or one could even answer the 'Opposite Question' like this:
-'So they don't look like a wash of brown and grey, unapproachable and loses that simple fun of the Warcraft universe.']

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All design choices made based on the best reading in a game. Camera angle = specific thickness in details, shoulder size and helm, also relatively big feet - most seemed area from in-game view. Stylized hand-painted textures have a long lasting visual quality that can be carried on through many-many ages. 
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Hmmn, thank you very much Tamara for your in-depth answer. I heavily appreciate it.

Please have a good day, and also take care.

Best of luck with Heroes of the Storm Tamara!
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Can i use your concepts for 3d modelling?
and put them to my portfolio and ofc i'll give you credits for concepts :)
I like your work very much :)
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Hey! Thanks for the awesome concepts!  I used your axe skull for some 3D modelling and texture practice.  If you'd like to see, it's on my blog:

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Nice! Thanks for sharing.
love your style! can I use your art as reference for low poly?
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Yes, go ahead. For non-commercial use only.
Is the bear staff for a magical character?
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