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Demonologist construction shot

By FirstKeeper
Here is Demonologist character I did a few years ago for Prime World russian dota video game.
Beauty shot: [link]
Texture: [link]
Turntable: [link]
Game play video(RU): [link]
Concept by :iconduelisto:
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Ehh hai there! This is so lovely! Im an animation student who loves the art of 3D modeling but i find it a bit of challenge to pick up. If I may ask, what is the usual workflow for like this? Do you do dynamesh -> Retopo? Also, is UV unwrapping a model like this tedious/very time-consuming? tysm!
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Hi, I always use dynamesh  for my sculpts. I do topology in Topogun. UV unwrapping for this kind of model is really easy, the more separate armor details  or spikes you have on you model the more complicated UV mapping gets.
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So much going on with this design, but it blends so well! Awesome.
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wow his hands are freakin epic man the whole texture is epic !
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The poly count is impressive for gaming.
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Hey Firstkeeper.

I wanted to ask-
Your textures are all solely hand painted right?

and I am quite curious what gives your models this very "cut out" rim lights and all. Is it your shaders? They're really appealing. :D
And I am also really quite curious if each part of the model like skin, hair, cloth have different shaders? :D
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Yes, I use only hand painted diffuse and specular map for renders in Marmoset. There is only one shader for all mesh here. I use to spot or direction lights for rim lights. Here is an example of light setup, ignore omni light on front it's from 3d max and Marmoset has its own light system and 2 rim lights behind of mesh is more than enough [link]
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Thanks so much!! :D :D :D Keep it up the awesome work. You'll inspire thousands of artists around the world. :-)
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Great work as always Tamara.
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Absolutely adore this type of game art. Thanks!
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Beautiful work, as always! :)
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Oh my god this is beautiful man!
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Looks great :D! Nice job!
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This looks really cool :)
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Wondeeeeerful work here! Last time we spoke, you said it was 3D Coat you used. Does that also help you get your unwraps as tightly knit as you manage to get them?
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