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Vetor - Itai

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my apologies for butchering Japanese again ^^;

this image is the result of much toothpain x__x
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hehe i can understand u somehow but hehe when i saw it my mom was passing by <<behind me>>
hem and she is a dentist and stuff haha and congrats u for the molar and its awefull that u have toothpain and ur dentist must have told u to take antinflamatori plls or some antibiotics hohoho
---message complete---

awesome work congrats : DD
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hahaha xD I usually just take ibuprofen.

and thank you :D
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owo u welcome and its a great sollution
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I'm scared of the dentist too.. So I brush like it's going out of style!
This is adorable :heart:
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Aah, sorry about the tooth ache, but it's a good pic to come from it. ^^
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I have tooth pain too :( I have an impacted wisdom tooth, so I'm going to have the too that I have ripper out next month *cries*
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Your Japanese is better than mine, I can only count to ten and say hi. x]]
Poor tooth. DD8
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aw poor toothy. so cute.
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my tooth hurts too :(
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aww that's a very kind of you sweetiee
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i like it a lot!
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ahhaha... very funny!
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cute! if i were a dentist, i'd definitely stick this on the wall of the office as a poster!
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ssoooo cute!!!
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This reminds me of these children's science books I used to read when I was small. They have a lot of cute little Japanese cartoon illustrations in them. One of the books is about the human body and one of the illustrations is like this. xD
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:sympathy: I hope you get better soon!
This is very cute!
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I'm sorry about your tooth pain! ; ;
um I think that the title is actually supposed to be "itaii" and not "itai" n_n;;
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ouch! me hates cavitys!:(
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haha it is so cute and evil!
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deadly cute >;D

I hope you are better now :3 :**
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