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Stamp - Template

The template i've been using on all of my stamps :).

This template is free to us on Deviantart only

Feel free to edit it in any way you'd like.

Please link back to me :heart:

Layered PSD Download to the right

FYI : I've been asked what font I typically use on my stamps that match this template.
I mostly use a font called 04b-03 from here -> :)
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thank you! i'm using it
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Im gonna use it :>
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I have a problem....
it closes my program everytime I try to load it.

I use Firealpaca.
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I used MSPaint for it because you know, pixels.
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try it in photoshop then gg
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some people don't have photoshop tho, i use Firealpaca for all my stuff too ^^
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used multiple times!
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using, thanks <3 
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how do you make stamps :( Im a complete noob and its disappointing
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hi! This template is for use in Photoshop if you have it. Otherwise you can just save the preview image and draw over top of it in whatever drawing program you like. What exactly are you having troubles with?
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I'm having trouble with stuff like How many pixels does it have to be for it not to be too small and How I make the ones that move. I've made Status Bars in the past but I never know how many pixels it has to be for fear it'll be too big or too small. I use FireAlpaca.
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well this stamp template is 99x56 but its up to you? the maz size of a thumbnail here is like 150x150 maybe? I honestly dont remember, but stamps are typically *around* 100x50px. 
Stamps that move are gifs. You need Douga to animate in Fireaplaca but i've never used either, I use photoshop so all I can do is link you to Douga -> and a tutorial ->… . Hope that helps some :).  
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thank you so much!^^ I appreciate the help you've given me :)
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you're welcome ^^ 
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Used it for my group <3
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THank you so much.realy need this
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