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PixelPack - Gingerbread Village

(Price subject to change after New Years)

Love making Gingerbread houses around the Holidays, but dont have the time/space/supplies, or even patience for the messy cleanup involved? Maybe you've never had the chance and just dream about candy covered roofs and sugar filled trees.

Grab your chance at some digital fun instead with this Gingerbread PixelPack. In it you'll find plenty of already coloured/shaded pixel pieces to assemble in to your very own Virtual Gingerbead Village.


Click Below to see an Animated example of something I put together using the pieces in this pack



Editing of anything in this pack is 100% allowed and highly encouraged, but not needed. Be creative, have fun!

Check out the PixelPack below for more Holiday pieces you could use in your scene as well!

Winter Holiday Kit
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I love using your art to maake these there so cute your such a nice artist <33
MiningForDegus's avatar
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firstfear's avatar
bagh ;__; ur too sweet, ty dear <3
Sephiriah's avatar
This reminds me the Trickster Online houses, and makes me sad T_T
firstfear's avatar
ohh I didnt know what that was so I googled it. Reminds me of Ragnarok or R.O.S.E. .I do miss games like that ;_;
tenchibaka's avatar
adorable! kinda makes me wish i had a use for this XD
firstfear's avatar
thank you! ^^ I meant to use this myself to make some e-card type things for xmas but I didnt get around to it haha (an idea for things *like* this though ^^)
tenchibaka's avatar
there is always next year? XD
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late reply, but thank you! ^^
NasikaSakura's avatar
Awwww~! LOL What a great idea, Ms. Caity!!! :D
firstfear's avatar
thank you ! ^^ I hope the holiday is going alright for you so far :hug:
NasikaSakura's avatar
It's the last two weeks of the semester, full of exams.... COULD BE BETTER. XD
firstfear's avatar
blugh haha xD not fun. good luck though! :D
NasikaSakura's avatar
Thank you! TTuTT I certainly need it~!
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What a gorgeous idea! :)
firstfear's avatar
thank you very much ^^
firstfear's avatar
thanks! :D I like your avatar right now :heart:
UxieWriter's avatar
Your pixelness in so amazing...<3

Sadly I don't have enough points to purchase it :c
firstfear's avatar
aww I'm sorry, thank you though! ^^ <3
casey-lee's avatar
Purchased! Points well spent <3
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