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Pixel - Social Media Icons

By firstfear
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Click Download to save these icons to your computer :)


Personal Use: Free! Use anywhere online. Linkback is not required, but would be nice :).

(If you use these on Deviantart you are welcome to upload them to your scraps instead of hosting them offsite, but please DO link back to me if you do this)

Commercial: Please contact me. Do not use for shops or profit making sites without sending me a note to discuss it first.

Do not redistribute.
Do not claim as your own.


Suggest to me some other social media sites I could create icons for and I may do so!


Gaia Online
© 2011 - 2021 firstfear
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This is fantastic! And exactly what I'm looking for!

If you're still up for suggestions, you could make a FanFiction or Wattpad icon.
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Meyby im gonna use it ^^
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Glad you still have these. Grabbed the facebook one for my recipe website :D
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May I use it?
Just three Icons which I want to use it ---> Facebook, DeviantArt, & Tumblr. :D
If may, I will use it now~
Thank you so much~ ^v^
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Could you make one for ?
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I will be using these icons with links to my shop.
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Hello! Letting you know I used these!
Very cute! ^^

I'm not sure if you're still making these or not(or taking the request?), but what do you say about a Tapastic icon?
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do I have to upload them to scraps and copy the thumb code and paste it to my id,journal,etc.?
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May I ask for an icon?
Reichi-san's avatar
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An addition to Picarto would be great! :D Thanks for this contribution. I'm not sure if I will use them, but this is great.
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used them here on dA, they look very nice :) thanks for them!
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Decided to use some of these over on my main page, and I went ahead and put a link up to you there. I did also upload them to my stash, and made sure each stash link had a link back to here in their descriptions. =P
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would you make a patreon one? I'd actually be able to chip in a small bit of cash for a custom set maybe? Do you do pixel commissions?
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Thanks so much for making these and letting us use these for free! I love the designs! :heart:
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Used on my tumblr! Thank you~
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A FurAffinity one would be awesome :meow:

As well as an Etsy one
PastelDovePonyArtist's avatar
I will be using this, if you don't mind at all. ^^ 
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if ever you have time, can you make wattpad too?
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