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Pixel - Bearby Cupcake

My submission for *steffne's collaborative cupcake project :)

The provided template was vexel/vector, but I felt like pixelling something :heart:

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I wouldn't eat it, it's too cute <3
SayuriUzumaki's avatar
I really LOVE your cupCake! (I'll do to this submission too *--------*)
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thank you! ^-^
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Rinselli-chan's avatar
Oh god. I would love to have a cupcake like that. But I'd be too afraid to eat it. ;u;
firstfear's avatar
hahaha yeah but then it would just mold o_o moldy cupcakes arent cute anymore xD
NasikaSakura's avatar
That's so adorable! hehehe CaityCuppycake~! :music:
SneakyPolkaDotz's avatar
Hahah, I decided to do a pixel one too!

(before looking at this :) )

It's also funny 'cause I was considering doing an animal too. I swear, I didn't steal your idea!

I really love your entry! The pixelart is SO clean...!
firstfear's avatar
thank you! :D and haha it's a pretty generic idea, I just applied my own character to it xD ( OC usually wears a pink bear hat with that bow and earrings etc xD)

this was a fun project! :D I'm glad to see someone else is trying at pixel for it too xD
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I was wondering if this was related to her cupcake project! It's very cute; I love it. *u*
firstfear's avatar
thank you! :3 I just had to join when i saw her project :D
carissaraptor's avatar
I've got to work on my cupcake soon, too. :3 Haven't quite felt like it yet.
Maraqua's avatar
This is so cute! Great work. :)
Princess-Peachie's avatar
It's so pink, perfect, and pretty! :love:
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HoneyPancake007's avatar
this is so cute!!!:iconomgsocuteplz:
suchtrashley's avatar
That's so beautifully cute~
lufflii's avatar
    You are a beasty cupcake creator.
Ribbonheart's avatar
Awwwww, yours is amazing!:heart:
AutumnHoney's avatar
Hee, toooo cute!
TokiBuni's avatar
omg caity this is adorable!!!!!!! >u< I love it soo much!!! so cuteee! :D
steffne's avatar
OH MY GOSH. <333
Thanks for taking part, Cait *__* :heart::heart::heart:
firstfear's avatar
aww thank you hun! :D I'm glad I got a spot :3
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