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Base - Snapshot

By firstfear
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These have been in the works for awhile now, but I finally have them finished. Possibly some issues here and there, but I'm tired of staring at them ^^;.

This is the base used in some of my more recent submissions :)

I may add more skin tones later.
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Hey doll. It's been a long time Since I have done any dolling, But I just wanna be sure if you don't mind me using your base to make emotes for my Discord. Credit will be given in the Welcome Text, and I will readily Link back to where you want if people want to visit you.

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do you allow your bases to be used for virtual currency?
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depends on if the currency can be converted in to real world money. If it can't then thats fine, otherwise it's considered commercial use and not personal.
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definitely one of my favorite bases ever
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wow, thank you! :D
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Ooooh gotta try this! <3
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Ignore that last link, it was a messup automatoncreatives.deviantart.… here you actually go! :D
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Ah, crap, wrong link! x_x
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[link] I used your base :la: (I swear it's in there under all the clothes :shifty:) I hope you don't mind, I cut and swapped some arms to fit the dolls :slow:

You have such adorable bases and great shading too :la:
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how to put dress on it?
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[link] I feel like I'm the only one who keeps using this awesome base... Sorry to spam you!
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haha! :D thank you for continuing to show me even though I've been a pewp on replying x_x. I'm glad you like my base enough to use it so often! ^^ :hug:
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It's a very helpful base! I'm able to use it for most of my characters! (with around 220 some characters, that's saying something. :) )
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wow! that's a lot of characters! :D
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[link] I'm sorry, I keep using it!
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[link] [link] I had to use it twice! Adorable bases!
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