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AV - Pink Flower Sprite

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Yes this a free image! Use it as an avatar if you'd like :)
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AV - Pink Flower Sprite by firstfear Love it!Thank you!
Megane-Whim's avatar
Adorable~ I love the swaying^^
Kegie83's avatar
aww and she likes to dance! owo
xxcaramelxx's avatar
AWWWWWWW ! So cute :)
Princess-Peachie's avatar
So cute and happy! Wonderfully animated hun :) :heart:
etNoir's avatar
:love: This avatar has been featured in the latest issue of The Free dAvatar Weekly!
NasikaSakura's avatar
Dwaaa~! So cute. I love the little sway and bounce. 0u0 It looks playful. I so want to pixelate my Nasika laying down beside it and kicking her legs, chin resting on her hands and leaned on her elbows. haha Like Alice talking to flowers~!
firstfear's avatar
that's a cute idea! ^-^ I can picture her now doing just that hehe :D
eWeMad420's avatar
hi ! i used this as my icon because it is so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!la in love la in love la in love 
i hope you did not mind ^^;
Teremiao's avatar
I had the chance to see you working on this flower a couple of nights ago in livestream. :love:
firstfear's avatar
:D it was fun! thank you for dropping in to watch! ^^ :hug:
Teremiao's avatar
Thanks to you for sharing it :)
I hope to catch your notice in time again :)
r0se-designs's avatar
That is so cute! :iconomgsocuteplz:
AngelPowerr's avatar
its sooo cute. i love it
<------- :D
dearmichy's avatar
so awesome ;-;
candeldandel's avatar
Aww! What an adorable flower <3
lilliy22's avatar
damn it thats so cute
LastCookiee's avatar
That is one happy buddy ;)
hehe i loved watching you make this, i cant wait to see the rest :D <33
shiropanda's avatar
Wheee it's a dancing flower :D:love:
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