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AV - Cake


You may not use or upload this to ANY other site.
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Awww.... Now I want cake! Lol. Good job! Its really cute!
Yumiko12345's avatar
Totally cute avi! I will definitely use! :3
rockingbunny614's avatar
what program do u use? THIS IS SO CUTE!
MahouHime's avatar
Aw its so cute >w<

Uhh you said it was for DA use only right? I don't know if this is your Photobucket account, but this is your pixel : [link]

I just happended to come across this while searching "kawaii cake pixel" in photobucket...
Im just going to say I didn't upload that xD;; Thats not my Photobucket account~
firstfear's avatar
LOL oops well this image i only made in 2008, but the same thing applies :( (someone else commented on an older image with the same type of situation LOL)
firstfear's avatar
Truthfully i made this image years ago and it's spread so far it's just not possible for me to stop people from using it now x__x. I'd prefer they not, but it's everywhere. If you search for just my DA username on photobucket you'll find a bunch of stolen images >_<
MahouHime's avatar
Oh noes x_x;;
Well you made them really well ^^
Riolulu's avatar
So cute! nice job!
darkmotives's avatar
this is so cute!! :love:
DuoD123's avatar
*happy birthday to you......*

DRei-chan's avatar
I'll put in my collection for the day I used it. X3 It's so cute.
medo1000's avatar
that cake looks good :drool:
Dygera's avatar
Thats cute ^--^
Kansheera's avatar
May I edit it, please? Make it float and add two sparlkles?
firstfear's avatar
sure :). thanks for asking

if anyone bugs you about it just let them know i said it was okay.
Kansheera's avatar
Thank you so much :heart:
osawa-hitomi's avatar
Is this strawberry flavor? I love it!
flamedance58's avatar

Could we possibly get on in chocolate? I'd so love that :)
firstfear's avatar
sure, i'll try
Restrictor's avatar
With all these deserts you keep posting... I'm starting to feel like heading to a 24 grocery store and buy a cake mix. XP
Restrictor's avatar
Ugh... I mean desserts. Blah!
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