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So I was bored and wanted to do something different.  I RUSHED this so... the colors and lines and stuff are really rough, but I think it came out alright.

All things considered, I think I'd move the light to be more on the girl's face?  But I think the subdued lighting kind of underscores her mood.  Maybe I should crop it so the Horde symbol is higher up?  Oh well.

Those poor Night Elves.  Oh-so-brandable.

Oh, and the Shaman guy is like... I dunno... making the mark magical.  Like... making it a homing mark or something.  He's _not_ healing her.  That's why I went with blue, not green.

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Shaman: *inner thoughts* best.....job.......ever!!
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brand more women of the Alliance please!
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I probably won't be branding any more women in the near future.
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Yeah... :(  I kinda' feel bad for her now. :(
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Its great to see a follow up to your pic from before.  Great work!
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Thanks!  Planning to do another one of these already. ;)
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The brand is reminiscent of Arcane Mark, from D&D. 

Overall I really like the piece. I feel that the emotion by the n-elf is conveyed well, as well as the look of concentration by the shaman that is branding her.
Great work!
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Thank ya' much, sir!

The Shaman himself isn't applying the mark though.  Just... enchanting it?  She got branded a while back...……
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surprised the shaman's right hand isnt a little... >.>  closer to his chest?  Yeah.  Let's go with that.  lol
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When I laid out the page it was originally more... um... crude.

But then I kind of felt sorry for that poor Night Elf.  Becoming property is tough.
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